2016 San Diego Chargers Draft Day

By Cindi Spears-Cahill @ChargerGrlCindi

Official San Diego Chargers Fan Reporter
Official San Diego Chargers Fan Reporter

I am so happy to be sitting here writing about today’s draft.  The official start of football season and with the official start of football season comes football season activities. 

Today’s activity takes us to the world famous Sea World in San Diego where the San Diego Chargers are hosting a draft party for season ticket holders.  Yes, my friends, instead of sitting on my couch shoving nachos in my face while watching the draft with my family and dogs, I will be sitting in Shamu stadium shoving nachos in my face with a few hundred other Chargers fans, Chargers players, the beautiful Charger Girls and of course a bunch of Killer Whales (cough, cough Blackfish!).  All of this while under the beautiful San Diego sunshine (okay , it’s in the low 60s and drizzling) on another perfect San Diego day.  This is how the Chargers show San Diegans that they care about the community and how fans get wooed back in to the relationship. 

Yes, we can be bribed with free food, booze and unlimited access to the park after the Chargers pick up an awesome new prospect at pick number three of the first round.

Oh yes, we are gathered here today not just to shove nachos in our faces and play at the park, this is the 2016 NFL Draft.  The San Diego Chargers have the third pick in the first round and there is so much talent to be chosen from.

I think with the third pick of the 2016 NFL Draft the San Diego Chargers pick…

Rico Gathers, Baylor University

Who?  Rico, from Baylor.  You know, the 6’ 8”, 275 pound tight end.  Well, maybe you don’t know, because Rico never took the field for Baylor, or any other university.  However, this kid has got lots of talent and is one of the Bears stars on the basketball court. 

The NFL is no court game, even if this kid has the size, speed and hands of a tight end, does he have the gumption?  Taking a hit from an NFL linebacker is a much different story than any basketball penalty, so what makes this kid’s path attainable?  It’s been done before, and no team knows better than the team that created the best tight end in NFL history, Antonio Gates.  Of course, Tony Gonzalez and Jimmy Graham deserve props for the same leap straight from court to field, but the San Diego Chargers are simply the only perfect fit with a perfect mentor for a super talented prospect. 

Happy Draft Day and remember if you are going to Sea World tonight you can sign the petition to get the Chargers new stadium vote on the ballot.  Every signature matters and in November, every vote matters.  Get full info at http://www.chargers.com/new-stadium and help #saveourbolts

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