QB Jason Campbell Photo by John H Reid III Cleveland Browns

A Heartbreaking Loss

A Heartbreaking Loss

Browns 17 Chiefs 23

Kate Arhar, Official Cleveland Browns Fan Reporter
Kate Arhar, Official Cleveland Browns Fan Reporter

Heartbreakingly close to pulling off a major upset, my Browns were just a play or two away from victory this week.  Instead, we gave the Chiefs their 8th win of the season and returned home with a record of 3-5. And make no mistake; we GAVE that game to them.  Anyone who watched it could see they didn’t TAKE the victory. The Browns had six sacks to the Chiefs’ one, but it was dropped passes and a single turnover that changed the day for the Browns and left fans crying in their beers for the rest of the weekend.

The Browns’ Defense successfully pinned the Chiefs back deep, forcing them to punt and almost guaranteeing the offense field position near midfield!  Wahoo!  Fans were really starting to believe Jason Campbell could lead us on a game winning drive to score the upset!  And then, in a bizarre twist of fate, Davone Bess (filling in for the injured Travis Benjamin) fumbled the ball.  DEVASTATION! Our Defense managed to hold KC to a field goal, but there was precious little time left to get the TD they needed to win.

I know those are the breaks, but it just seems that the Browns are always on the losing side of the bad break scenarios. Hopefully that will change soon, because these Dawgs need to have their day!

Kate’s Five Takes

QB Jason Campbell  The 20th QB to start for the Browns since their return to the leagues in 1999… Yeah, hard to believe, but then again, it explains our terrible record for so many years. Sigh. Anyway, while Jason isn’t the QB of this team’s future, he is the man of the year right now. We may have lost the battle, but it was nice to watch a QB that didn’t make mistakes (2 TDs and 0 INTs), engendered confidence from his teammates, and came THIS close to pulling off the upset.  I’ll talk more about that in item #5.

RB Fozzy Whittaker AP Photo by Cleveland Browns
RB Fozzy Whittaker AP Photo by Cleveland Browns

RB Fozzy Whittaker  With a great block from none other than WR Josh Gordon, Whittaker got free for a TD pass late in the game. He may be a running back, but he caught 2 passes for 22 yards and a TD, making him a bit more versatile than we expected. It will be interesting to see how they use him and RB Willis McGahee going forward.

WR Josh Gordon  Speaking of Josh, no one is more relieved than he is that the NFL trade deadline has passed and he doesn’t have to call Two Men and a Truck to get his stuff packed up! Five receptions on 10 targets for 132 yards and a TD? Oh yes please, may I have more of that this week versus the Ravens?

DEFENSE!  What can I say about this defense? I’ve criticized them a lot in the past for giving up, but this week they really kept it together. After being on the field for over 22 minutes of the first half, they held KC to only 3 second half points, got 6 sacks against a team currently holding the most sacks this season, and basically manhandled the line better than any team KC has seen this year. They did everything they could to put the offense in a position to win this game, and that was great to see. Now, I didn’t get a full four quarters because the game got off to a really rocky start but hey, they finished strong which bodes well for this week’s battle!

WR Davone Bess  I was excited when the Browns acquired Bess in a draft day deal/trade with Miami, because we really needed a sure-handed slot receiver. Well, aside from dropping too many passes this year, Davone is taking the brunt of the blame for this week’s loss due to the punt return he fumbled near midfield. I nearly cried when he dropped that ball, but at the same time, I could see he was trying to do SOMETHING with the play, and the ball just got away from him.  Maddening? Yes. Unforgivable? Not by a long shot.

DB Johnson Bademosi Photo by John H Reid III Cleveland Browns
DB Johnson Bademosi Photo by John H Reid III Cleveland Browns

This week brings the Baltimore Ravens to Cleveland for what only Browns Fans consider to be a rivalry. Not only do we have an emotional history, but they are a division rival in a weak AFC North that is still up for grabs. I know the Bengals are looking good at 6-2, but it’s still early in the season, and there are many games left to play.

We’ve lost to the Ravens so many times that I don’t think they even take us seriously, but this isn’t the same Ravens team that won the Super Bowl last year. They are on a losing skid and after their Bye week, are looking at the Browns as easy pickins to get back to winning some games… 

I’m telling you now, this is a very different and very motivated Browns team, and I’m predicting a huge win!


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