AFC and NFC Championships – Prediction

AFC and NFC Championships – Prediction

By Sueli Loiola @Su_firstavenger

Sueli Loiola, Green Bay Packers Fan Contributor
Brazilian Fan Contributor

Exciting games are happening this weekend and the main question is which team will be the best NFC and best AFC team?

The New England Patriots and Denver Broncos will face each other once again. Both teams have already faced each other four times. It means that both of them have good and bad memories.  In 1986, Broncos won over the Patriots  22-17. After 19 years, the rivalry came back in 2005. Broncos fans can remember that great win.  They defeated the Patriots once again for 27-13. Then, the battle in 2011 had a sweetest revenge flavor for the Patriots. That time, they won over the Broncos 45-10. Possibly, the best matchup ever for Brady & Co. The Broncos wouldn’t give up so easily though with a win in 2013 for 26-16.

Summarizing, the Broncos won 3 post season games while the Patriots have won just 1 game.

It’s going to be a pleasure to watch another Broncos-Patriots battle as it’s always an interesting game to see. It’s more exciting to see them in post season even if you’re not a Broncos or Patriots fan. The reason is very simple. These teams have two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Tom Brady is very well known as a player who is always focused on the game and it doesn’t matter if it’s regular or post season. He’s very strict with himself. His partners on the offense are the best. Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola are his loyal partners and greatest receivers. If you have watched some games with or without these players, you probably noticed the difference the team had without them. They’re definitely the best offensive players ever.  That’s why they won Super Bowl XLIX.

On the other hand, the Broncos are as strong as the Patriots. Peyton Manning has some of the greatest records in the league. He just doesn’t have a Super Bowl with the Broncos yet. He won in Super Bowl XLI when he played with the Indianapolis Colts, defeating the Chicago Bears.

What about the NFC championship?

The Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers are surprises of the conference. The last time that the Cardinals were in Super Bowl was in 2008, in Tampa Bay.  Unfortunately, they didn’t get a win over the Steelers that time. Now they have a new chance. However, they will face a wall by the name of the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers participated in Super Bowl XXXVIII in February, 2004. Since then, they have been working hard to become a stronger team. As of 2011, Cam Newton started his career with the team. Now, they are roaring out loud.

These teams have had one of their best seasons. It means that they showed why they deserve to be here. 

Personally, I believe that this Super Bowl will be unforgettable for the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. Broncos win over the Patriots 32-21 and the Panthers win over the Cardinals 33-14.

It’s my own prediction. What about yours?

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