Another Typical Monday?

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By Allyson Wraggs @ally32250

Was it just another typical Monday in Jacksonville? Not on your life!

When news began to leak Monday that the Jacksonville Jaguars would be promoting interim head coach, Doug Marrone, to the role of permanent head coach, I wasn’t very happy, to be quite honest. The Jaguars had interviewed quite a nice list of candidates for the position left open when former head coach, Gus Bradley, was fired following our week 15 loss to the Houston Texans.

I had my favorite…actually, I had a top 3 list of favorites, and Doug Marrone’s name wasn’t on it. Was it because I thought Marrone was a bad coach? No, not really. There was some support locally for Marrone, but for the most part, fans were ready to disassociate themselves with everyone from the Gus Bradley regime.

Coach Bradley is a wonderful person, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in Jacksonville who feels differently. But his rah-rah, players coach, mentality had worn thin with our fan base. And quite honestly, I think it had worn thin with our players. With a record of 14-48 over the past 4 seasons, it was time for a change. So would change really come if we promoted from within?

Judging from the reaction on social media when Marrone was announced, I was not alone in my feelings. Fans were declaring their displeasure with the Jaguars head coaching choice, and they weren’t biting their tongues. For about 30 minutes, Twitter was lit up like the Griswold’s home in the movie “Christmas Vacation”. And then, the next bit of Jaguars news broke.

Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin had accepted the position of Executive Vice President of Football Operations! With the news of Coughlin rejoining the Jaguars organization, came a complete reversal of the feelings our fan base had been expressing the previous 30 minutes. An excitement, and even a calmness, took over. The man who built this franchise, was coming home. And all felt right with the world.

The roles have not been clearly defined, as of yet. But we do know that general manager, Dave Caldwell, will be staying on in the same position. Dave Caldwell and Doug Marrone will report directly to Tom Coughlin. All three men have signed a 3-year contract through 2019. The Jaguars are scheduled for a Thursday press conference, and we suspect many questions will be addressed and made more clear, then.

For what it’s worth, Coughlin was my first choice as head coach of the Jaguars. Why? Because he was our first head coach/general manager; because he got us to two (2) AFC Championships in the 90’s; because he possesses the discipline; because he understands every nuance of an NFL franchise; and most importantly, because I trust him. He will always do what’s best for the Jaguars organization.

So, even though he won’t be our head coach, he’s basically been handed the keys to this team. And I can’t think of anyone more perfect to sit in that drivers seat.

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