Battle of Ohio: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns Week 14

Cincinnati Bengals Key Contributor
Cincinnati Bengals Key Contributor

By Andrea Shellow @AyeJaieEss

This week the Cincinnati Bengals (4-7-1) took on the Cleveland Browns (0-12). The game took place in a snowy Cleveland, Ohio.  Both teams are no stranger to snow as both get plenty in their respective cities.

This game traditionally is seen as a big rivalry game seeing as how both teams are in the great state of Ohio. Unfortunately, the Browns entered this matchup with not much to be desired, with a 0-12 record. The Bengals are not doing so well this season either, but still had more to fight for, if you will.

Cincinnati played to win on Sunday. As with the last few weeks, they have continued to come together and salvage what is left of this 2016 season. We continue to see guys step up and make plays that lead their team to victory. This week there is no shortage of guys stepping up and making plays that needed to be made so that their team could pull out a win.

First, I want to speak on the game that Tyler Eifert had. Last week we didn’t see much from the TE. This week he came out and gave us two TDs and 48 yards. He gave us one of those touchdowns early in the 1st for a total of 14 yards. It’s worth mentioning that Eifert has had 4 catches in the Red Zone this season and remarkable we have seen every last one of them turned into TDs. It’s safe to say that he has been an asset to the team with his ability to make plays when they count.

We also had Jeremy Hill with a notable game on Sunday. He scored a TD for the Bengals late in the 1st. He came up big for us this week as well. He is always the go-to when it comes to getting rushing yards. He did not let Cincinnati down in that respect either. He ended the day with 111 rushing yards.

Guys, Vontaze Burfict has been getting a lot of “Haterade” poured in his direction in the last couple of weeks and I’m not sure why. This guy has been kicking butt and taking names. Well, I’m not sure he has even got around to the taking names part yet. This week we watched him continue to power up that blocking machine he calls a body.  I lost count at the number of times I heard his name called in correlation to a block. I literally stopped. LOL.  I think that week in and week out he is improving himself and showing the league that he deserves to be where he is. Say what you want about this dude. Don’t say it too loudly though he might plow over you!

I’m going to continue to say this next guy’s name until I make you a believer. Tyler Boyd. The Rookie WR is literally morphing in front of our eyes. As of the start of Sunday’s game he has 19 catches on 1st down. That is number 1 among his rookie class. He continues to come out and make plays for the team so that they can win. He continues to work throughout the week and it shows on Sundays.
Not to mention he scored a cool 14 fantasy points this week.

When you have guys that put up numbers like these guys did on Sunday you will pull out results as they did. I can only imagine the energy that the locker room has had these past couple of weeks. Positive energy is important. Hopefully it is what they need to not only finish strong this season, but prepare for the offseason. Only time will tell.

Fun Fact: The Cincinnati Bengals (1967) vs. Cleveland Browns (1946) Rivalry is named the Battle of Ohio. Both teams are founded by Head Coach Paul Brown. Brown founded the Bengals after he was fired from the Browns. They also both use the same shade of orange.


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