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Denise Interviews Brandon Marshall, Rookie

As a ‘rookie’ athlete, there is always the need to prove yourself. Whether it’s to your coaches, teammates, fans, or yourself, a rookie must prove that he belongs. When asked by to interview rookie Brandon M. Marshall... Read More | Share it now!


MAURICE JONES-WHO?By Toni WortherlyAugust 11, 2012 Yesterday morning, I was doing a little back to school shopping. While I was at the register, a man came up and asked if the store (a major department store in Jacksonville) had any men’s... Read More | Share it now!

My City, My Sport, My Team

My City, My Sport, My Team In 1993, when Jacksonville was awarded a football franchise, I have to admit that I was not very excited. I had watched a few Super Bowls with my family, but I did not understand the game. I was an artist, a connoisseur of... Read More | Share it now!