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Needing a Win – Broncos Week 16

  Needing a Win   By Stacia HarrisFor the second time this month, Tim Tebow’s magic and fourth quarter heroics failed to boost the Broncos to a win. The 40-14 loss to the Bills was a team loss. “Too many big plays in all three... Read More | Share it now!

Broncos Comeback … Again Week 13

The Broncos came back in the 4th quarter and won the game in the last seconds on the strength of their running game and the magic of Tim Tebow. Sound familiar? It should. For the 5th week in a row, Tim Tebow led his team to an improbable victory, and... Read More | Share it now!

Mile High Miracles – Denver Week 12

Mile High Miracles  By Stacia Harris So, most of you know me as the NFL Female Chicago Bears fan reporter. I’m a Chicago girl living in the Mile High City, and that places me squarely in the middle of Bronco Country. I tend to find myself... Read More | Share it now!