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Head Coach, Todd Haley – Fired

  Chiefs v Jets December 11   By Neta Davis Not much to write on this game. I wish I could have missed this one instead of last week’s Bears game.  The Chiefs’ defense was tired and could not continue to carry the... Read More | Share it now!

Sunday Nite at Arrowhead – Week 12

Chiefs v Steelers – Sunday Night Football – November 27, 2011 By Neta Davis Kansas City wrapped up Thanksgiving weekend doing something it loves–hosting a national party at Arrowhead Stadium. Rain or shine, hot or cold, winning... Read More | Share it now!

Chiefs New Reporter – Neta Davis, Week 11

  MNF – November 21, 2011 – Chiefs v Patriots  By Neta Davis If you follow football genealogy, you know that the Chiefs are set up to be the Midwest Patriots, which makes for an interesting matchup–I can understand how this... Read More | Share it now!