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Something to Be Thankful For – Week 13 Bears

Something to Be Thankful For   By Stacia Harris I lost a bet on Sunday – a bet with a Chiefs fan to be specific. You see, one of my best friends is currently deployed to Afghanistan and he’s a huge Chiefs fan. Our deal was that if... Read More | Share it now!

It Could Have Been Worse …. Bears – Week 12

It could have been worse ….  By Stacia Harris Sigh….I was doing a lot of that on Sunday as I watched my Bears fall to the Raiders. There really was no other appropriate reaction. Going into this week’s contest I, like most... Read More | Share it now!

Bears vs Eagles Recap – Week 9

  Bears vs. Eagles Recap by Stacia Harris It’s a beautiful day in the Bears nation. Monday night’s game against the Eagles was exactly the kind of thriller any football fan likes to see. And the Bears walking away with a... Read More | Share it now!

Introducing Bears Fan Reporter – Stacia Harris

  Latest Update on Chicago Bears by Stacia Harris We’re entering Week 9, and I think the general consensus around the league is that all roads to the Super Bowl go through the NFC North. With the Lions having their best season in recent... Read More | Share it now!