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Lions: Mile High Hopes Week 8

  Mile High Hopes by Sonja Greenfield Sooo…My boys in the Honolulu Blue and Silver are hoping to get back to their winning ways on Sunday in Denver.  Now, first let me say, that I’ve always liked the Broncos.  Not sure why, I... Read More | Share it now!

“Suck for Luck” Colts – Week 7, Teresa Bollenbacher

  “Suck for Luck” by Teresa Bollenbacher “Suck for Luck” That’s what some are saying. You hear it on ESPN and NFL Network. The way the Colts are playing, you just might think this is true. I tweeted Mike McNeil... Read More | Share it now!

Seahawks Still 2-3 After Bye Week 6

  Seahawks still 2-3 after bye week How the Seahawks won or lost in week 6 by Jessica Turley Seattle started their week of rest by trading former linebacker and first round pick Aaron Curry to the Oakland Raiders. A trade that some felt was a loss... Read More | Share it now!

Detroit Lions – Week 6

  Forward Down the Field by Sonja Greenfield Been a LONG time coming!!!  The Lions are fired up and so are their fans!!!  For the first time in a really long time (or in some folks minds, EVER), we think that things are finally coming... Read More | Share it now!