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Football & Steelers … just goes together

Football & Steelers     by Kindra Lockett Well, when it comes to football I have always been a fan! It all started when I was younger, my grandfather was a professional football player. He played for the Redskins, Cowboys and Baltimore... Read More | Share it now!

Colts 0-16, Packers 16-0 ANY BETS? Week 10

Bye week is welcome due to many injuries and a winless season   by Teresa Bollenbacher Week #10 of the season and Indy is now thee only team without any Ws under their helmets!  A lot has been buzzing around the media world about the future... Read More | Share it now!

Introducing Janet Ibarra – Chargers Reporter Week 9

  The Rivals: Chargers VS Raiders Match up    by Janet Ibarra Thursday Night’s game against our rivals, the Oakland Raiders was as always, an exciting game to watch.  In the first quarter the Raiders were 3 and out. Crayon was... Read More | Share it now!

How ’bout them Cowboys! Week 9/10

  How ‘bout them Cowboys!   by Shelby Kelly As much as I loved seeing the ‘Boys control the field and win 44-7, the big news, at least for me, was celebrating our Veterans.  Our friend returned from Afghanistan on Saturday... Read More | Share it now!