Dab and 0—–Undefeated (in spirit and in sports)

Photo credit: @carolinahuddle Jeremy Igo knows when Cam is going to smile

Dab and 0—–Undefeated (in spirit and in sports)

Panthers 27 Titans 10

By Kristen Swift @kswift_RN

Official Carolina Panthers Fan Reporter
Official Carolina Panthers Fan Reporter

The Carolina Panthers are 9-0. Undefeated. Yet here we are, on the verge of the best season ever, without question the best start in franchise history, and the discussions are all focused on Carolina Panther quarterback Cam Newton and his touchdown celebration.

Let us discuss this issue, or non-issue, rather, let us dab on it for a minute.
Cam celebrates everything. He celebrates touchdowns, first downs, Riverboat Ron calling a quarterback sneak on 4th and 1 in field goal range. He celebrates EVERY-THING. And Cam Newton, he is the definition of contagious. The smile, the celebrations and the excitement he brings to everything he does.

So, why are people mad about this? Maybe it’s because people can’t find as much love and fun in the game as a 26 year old African American quarterback. Sadly, maybe it’s because he is an African American quarterback. No matter how anyone wants to dissect this, the basic truth is Cam Newton scored a touchdown three times before it was called by referees, and THEN, he celebrated it. He danced. Of course he danced. In an emotionally charged, physical game that heard ten whistles every time any whistle was blown, who wouldn’t dab a little? His touchdown was a KO equivalent to a Holly Holm high kick, to seal their ninth victory in nine games this year.

@carolinahuddle Jeremy Igo captures the best of this franchise every gameday
@carolinahuddle Jeremy Igo captures the best of this franchise every gameday

I was watching this game with my 8 year old son, who jumped up, celebrated, and dabbed a little too. Why? Because he LOVES Cam Newton. He says War Dang Eagle, and runs back and forth down the corridor in our house between his father watching the Dolphins and me watching the Panthers to see how Cam is doing. He gets every bit as excited about a Panthers touchdown as Cam does.

And when Cam smiles, my son smiles.
And when Cam dances, my son dances.
And when Cam pumps up his team with an extra dance, my son pumps up his imaginary team with an extra dance too.
And that’s how it should be.

The Panthers are undefeated and the story should be about how much energy and light Cam Newton gives to his team, his sport and his fans. It should be about how this team continues to find ways to win, though in years past, it hasn’t. It shouldn’t be about anyone trying to discount their effort or put the team’s light out.

The Panthers are undefeated, and Cam is going to continue to dance.

So, dab on that.

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