Dear Green Bay Packers

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Dear Green Bay Packers

From A Concerned Fan

By Marcela Vargas @ethne88

Green Bay Packers Fan Contributor
Green Bay Packers Fan Contributor

Green Bay needs to step up, for the season is in grave danger.

Thursday, as well as Winter, is coming. The last matches of this season are almost here, and my Green Bay Packers are in serious danger of failing to make the playoffs for Super Bowl 50. Our next adversary is Detroit, and even though they’re at the bottom tier of NFC North, we need to win this divisional match in order to stay ahead of Chicago and closer to Minnesota.

These past matches have been rough on our players. The worst part is that they can perform amazingly while under pressure. The last quarter of CHIvsGB was proof of that. However, if they performed at that level for the rest of the game, they wouldn’t need to step up in the last few minutes. Our offense clearly misses WR Jordy Nelson, who left during preseason with a torn ACL, but there are good receivers on the field: James Jones is great! Randall Cobb, too.

Our offensive linemen need to get it together and protect Aaron Rodgers long enough for him to finish plays, otherwise, we’re risking an injury that would cost us the rest of the season. We came real close last Thursday, with Rodgers leaving the field for a bit during the third quarter after he was hit in the elbow by Chicago’s Lamarr Houston.

The Packers are the closest they’ve been in years to not winning NFC North. Not only are they not giving their best, but they also seem to have underestimated the rest of the division. It’s fundamental that they win against Detroit, because of the quantity of divisional games we need to get back on top. Our final fate will be decided on week 17, though, with that match against Minnesota, at Lambeau. But the more divisional games we keep up, the better our odds will be to get on top.

There is much that can be done to improve the gameplay for the next matchup against Detroit, but there’s one thing that feels of the utmost importance: better protection for Rodgers. Not only does he need to be able to pass the ball comfortably, he also needs to remain uninjured. We also need better blocking, so that our wide receivers are able to complete some catches. Eddie Lacy‘s been speeding up, which I love. He’s an amazing player, and having him and James Starks on our offense is almost a luxury. I just wish they were better used.

Our defense needs to step up, too. We are averaging 6.36 penalties per game this season. We’ve lost almost 600 yards due to penalties in the past 11 games. Our players need to stop shooting themselves in the foot – I’m looking at the offensive linemen. Just as Aaron Rodgers uses the clock with fast plays against opposing teams, both offense and defense need to gather their wits and keep away from offsides, holdings, and personal fouls.

I hope the Packers win. It’s Aaron’s birthday week, after all. I hope they’ll make it through, by a good margin. However, given recent history, I think the score will end pretty tight, similar to our last matchup against Detroit (Week 10, 18-16), but in our favor. I’ll say 27-24. May be even a 21-18, Packers up.

A girl can only hope.

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