A bear hug from hospital brought Claire into the game

Claire Da Bear – NFLFemale UK Chapter

This is a story about Claire. She is a founding member of the NFLFemale UK Chapter. Every week she gives away amazing NFL package prizes. Claire does this out of the goodness of her heart. Learn more about this wonderful lady, and how she began her love of the game – American Football.

We all have very different stories on how we came into finding ourselves part of the wonderful game of American Football.

For Claire Ball, or much better known in the community of Claire da Bear, the discovery of American Football came in a way that you could almost consider ‘wrong place, right time’.

Back in January 1986, a desperate night saw Claire’s mum rushed into hospital. No one was able to sit with young Claire so she went to the hospital alongside her parents. In a tiny corner of the waiting room a TV set was tuned to Channel 4 which was showing Super Bowl XX live. Young Claire was instantly fixed.

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