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Finding the Positive

Finding the Positive

Browns 13 Packers 31

Kate Arhar, Official Cleveland Browns Fan Reporter
Kate Arhar, Official Cleveland Browns Fan Reporter

My Momma always said… If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Well, that’s hard when you write about the Cleveland Browns. Ya’ll know I love my team, but there was very little good on the field this week. So, since I can‘t find five positive things about this week’s game, how about I try five things that can definitely be improved during practice this week?  (I’m trying – I really am!)

This was one of those games that I had as a loss before the season started, but I always have hope. Add the injuries to the Packers, and I thought maybe, just maybe, we are playing them at the right time and can come out of Green Bay with a win.  For the second week in a row, the Browns turned a relatively unknown receiver – #11 Jarrett Boykin – into a fantasy football point scoring machine. Sigh.

Keeping things in perspective, however, we did come away healthy.  Thoughts and prayers to Jermichael Finley, who suffered a spinal contusion in the game. Hope he recovers quickly, and that he’s okay.

DB Buster Skrine Photo by AP Images
DB Buster Skrine Photo by AP Images

Kate’s  Five Takes:

1. QB Brandon Weeden.  What can I say? I still believe his problems can be fixed, but I think I’m the only one left with any faith at all.  And it doesn’t help when he only hits 17 of 42 passes… You cannot be that low in completions and dropped passes aren’t the problem. He seems to be regressing as far as accuracy and speed, or “touch,” on the ball.

2. DB Buster Skrine.  It’s probably not fair for me to call him out considering how much he’s improved this year, but we desperately need consistency on this team right now. Buster has the opportunity to be a real leader on this team, but he MUST be on top of his game and get his tackles handled on EVERY play. I’ll chalk this up to a bad week and hope he realizes that he can NEVER have another one. Okay, maybe not never, but seriously, if this Defense wants to be considered elite, be feared by Offensive Coordinators, these Guys – Skrine, TJ Ward, Joe Haden, Kruger, Mingo – must be absolute BEASTS every week.

3. WR Josh Gordon. I saw a lack of effort running routes, and it showed in the fact that he didn’t get his first catch until the 4th quarter. Josh has made fantasy football owners very happy this year, but last week was a letdown. I’m not sure if it was the bad play from Weeden or the trade rumors that are swirling all over Cleveland, Twitter, the Internet, etc., but Josh just wasn’t himself this week. I’m going to hope the coaches will have a chat with him so that he has his head in the game this week, and treats EVERY play like it matters – because it does.

TE Jordan Cameron Photo by AP Images
TE Jordan Cameron Photo by AP Images

4. TE Jordan Cameron. Okay, I lied.  Up at the top when I said there wasn’t anything positive to write about? There are two things… first up is JC. Even when the Browns were down, he was still hustling, and caught an absolute BULLET pass in the end zone for the lone TD of the day in the 4th quarter. He never gave up. I hope he can inspire some of his teammates to also keep that “never give up” attitude.

5. The Defense. While I didn’t get 4 whole quarters of great defense, I did get 3. I can’t blame them for the loss, as the offense had plenty of opportunities to catch up, but the defense did the best they could to limit the damage Aaron Rodgers would do.  They held the Packers to only 3 points in the 2nd quarter and ZERO points in the 3rd. This is a MAJOR improvement, as this defense has given up TOO MANY 3rd quarter points. To see them lock that down is big.  But they can only do so much and in the 4th quarter just ran out of gas. I didn’t buy that excuse in prior weeks, but I definitely saw it this week.

Jason Campbell will be getting the start at QB this week, as the Browns travel to Kansas City to face the undefeated Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium.  Yeah, I hear their fear too…


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