Girls… So why Football?

New York Giants Key Contributor
New York Giants Key Contributor

By Carolyn Da Silva @ninindinda

I always worked hard to stay out of the “female” stereotype. I don’t like shopping or care about shoes and bags; instead, I love cars and watching sports!

But, growing up in a Latino community in Queens, NY back in the ’80s I didn’t have much exposure to sports other than my national soccer team; so I could never be part of the Monday conversation about Sunday night’s game and the excitement of next week’s schedule. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s when I came back from finishing college overseas that I was able to fully engage with someone and learn about this awesome sport!

I remember sitting at a pub one day and thinking, what are the rules in Football? What’s a first down, move the chains, score a touchdown or why a field goal… I was always the cool girl who knew everything about soccer, the players, the leagues, the rules; it was discouraging to me not knowing anything about Football, a rough sport but yet very disciplined. My girlfriends would always look at me like I had two heads because I wouldn’t sit in the kitchen table with them to chitchat, I’d much rather be on the couch having a beer with the guys yelling at the TV because my team was losing.

So, I wanted to be cool again. I wanted to not only be, but feel American! I decided I would sit every Sunday and watch every game; turn on the TV after work and listen to Sports Center and grasp as much as I could. I googled up the terms I didn’t know  and when in public I would make sure I would ask questions to anyone around me. Little by little I started learning the basics, I was so thrilled!

I might still not know all the rules in Football, Ha! I don’t think any of us do with the way some referees call these games nowadays. I might still not know, by heart, all the players on my favorite team or who played back in 1999 but I do learn something new every Sunday. Plus, I started my first Fantasy Football team this year and while I’m an embarrassing 1-5-1 I will keep learning more and more so next year I can kick some butt in my league!

I must confess though, I still wonder sometimes why can’t we go for the first down on every fourth instead of punting the ball or why can’t we fake a field goal and actually throw the ball for a touchdown. But that’s another story… LOL!

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