Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl Dreams Crushed Following 44-21 Loss

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By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan @LUCYrk78

It’s always hard to write the day after a loss, but Sundays loss was an especially tough one. At 4-6, who would’ve thought the Green Bay Packers would even get this far? And how excited were we when they went on an 8 game winning streak?

It’s like when I was a kid – I’d rather get a D on a test, than an 89% – I’d rather be super far from getting an A, than SO CLOSE and then NOT get it. So, I’ve moped and complained, and now have to look for positives (like, I no longer have to hear Joe Buck each week) and move on.

The irony is, before each of these 8 games in a row that we’d won, I was super nervous. Yet oddly, this game against the Atlanta Falcons was the first time I had actually been confident that we would win. I wasn’t sure we would be able to win against the New York Giants, and especially against the Dallas Cowboys, but once we did, I was pretty sure we would be watching Green Bay in the Super Bowl.

Sadly, it was pretty apparent from the start that this game wasn’t going to go well. The Packers were playing just as they had when we fell to 4-6. Aaron Rodgers (I will still argue) might be the best quarterback in the league, but he can’t throw passes to himself, and way too many were dropped by his receivers throughout the entire game. At one point during the game, I tweeted out “We are literally allowing the Super Bowl to slip through our fingers.” The dropped passes were uncharacteristic of this team. During the entire regular season, the team only had 15 drops in ALL.

If I were to give out the game ball, it would undoubtedly go to Jordy Nelson. I have no idea how he played so long with two broken ribs, taking hits as he did. Kevlar vest and padding or not, we all saw how much pain Nelson was in two weeks ago when his ribs got broken, and can only imagine how he felt already playing Sunday. Injuries didn’t lose the Packers the game, but they definitely made winning more difficult. We lost six players Sunday: Micah Hyde, T.J. Lang, Ty Montgomery, Bryan Bulaga and Lane Taylor.

The truth is, the Atlanta Falcons played a really good, really consistent game. They deserved the win.

So, what now? We don’t typically see Green Bay make any dramatic moves during the draft or free agency. I would love to see T.J. Lang get re-signed. The offense is Super Bowl caliber already. We all know the defense and secondary need a bit of a help. Rodgers needs more help.

While I won’t be watching the Super Bowl now, I’ll be keeping an eye on my favorite team, and the moves they make this offseason so that NEXT year, I can watch them in the final game.

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One thought on “Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl Dreams Crushed Following 44-21 Loss”

  1. It was a tough loss! Defense needs some changes for next year, but as Rodgers said himself, it should be more of a reload than a rebuild. I hope the team will do better next year. And I ultra agree with Jordy getting the game ball. He did amazingly.

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