Is the Johnny Manziel Era Over Already in Cleveland?

Is the Johnny Manziel Era Over Already in Cleveland?

Sharona, Official Fan Reporter for nflfemale
Sharona, Official NFL Fan Reporter

What does the future hold for Johnny Manziel in Cleveland, Ohio? News reports coming out about his status with the Cleveland Browns are not encouraging. It’s been a tough week for Cleveland Browns fans, who deserve better.

First came the news that the NFL had levied penalties for in game communication violations committed by General Manager Ray Farmer during the 2014 NFL season.

The league fined the Browns $250,0000.00 and suspended Farmer four games for in game texting between him and the coaching staff. League rules prohibit all communications starting 90 minutes prior to the game with the exception of league issued tablets for in game still photos.

Fortunately, the Browns were not docked any draft picks (more on that later) because the investigation did not find any evidence that owner Jimmy Haslam knew about it or that it was done to gain a competitive advantage.

This leads back to the Manziel question. We now also know the Browns were the team to offer a first round draft pick (pick # 19) to the Rams who passed because the Browns had no quarterback to send them. This indicates the Rams passed on Manziel because they did take Nick Foles in the Philly trade.

Manziel is currently still in rehab but is expected out in the near future. Per James Brady of SB Nation, he is expected to be out in time to begin the Offseason Training Program which commences on April 20. At that time, it was expected Manziel would be competing for the starting job.

It’s difficult to tell whether this is tough love being administered through the services of a league insider (ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was the one who reported it) or whether Manziel truly has lost the faith of the team to the point that they are 90% done with him. I’m not sure what that means.

Either you are done with someone or you are not. If there is a chance you are not done with them then well, you aren’t done with them. Right now Josh McCown, Thad Lewis and Connor Shaw stand between him and the starting position.

Manziel was selected by the Browns only one short year ago with their first round pick, selection number 22. Smart teams don’t go throwing away their first round draft picks after only one season without good reason. Certainly the need to go to rehab isn’t the best circumstance but many people have done the same and been all the better for it and have gone on to be successful.

If going to rehab is the only reason why the Browns are giving up on Johnny Manziel then that is just wrong, in addition to sending a terrible message. So is telling him that as he is poised to exit rehab.

Once again, let’s remind the Browns they knew what they were getting with Manziel. Don’t have a big shocked look on your face and act like you are some scorned lover. You also selected and stood by Josh Gordon through his many hiccups.

Successful teams utilize all their draft picks well and not just the top ones either. Perhaps you might reconsider whether all the risk you have taken in the past has truly worked out that well for you. Still, you assumed that risk with Manziel and it’s time to stand by your man (apologies to Tammy Wynette).

Not to kick a team when it’s down but the Cincinnati Bengals had a little bit of April Fool’s at the Browns expense.


If you had missed it earlier, the Browns changed their logo a while back and well you get the picture.


Tough week to be a Browns fan so be sure to hug the one in your life.

Other news from around the league:

In addition to the Browns punishment, the league also fined the Atlanta Falcons and owner Arthur Blank $350,000.00 and docked them a 5th round draft selection in the 2016 NFL Draft. (Pro Player Insiders)

April Fool’s Day was also the birthday of former Washington Redskins free safety Sean Taylor who was killed in November of 2007. The fourth defendant in the case pleaded guilty Wednesday, as well, and was sentenced to 30 years behind bars. Follow this link to find out how to donate to the Sean Taylor Memorial Trust Fund set up to provide support for his daughter Jackie.

Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor grew up idolizing Taylor and watches film of his game every week. For a great article on how Chancellor models his game after Taylor, see this from

If you are hungry for draft content feast on the latest by Bleacher Report’s NFL Draft Lead Writer Matt Miller. Only a month away!

Per ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti spoke to around 5000 fans Wednesday and he had some pretty interesting things to say about domestic violence:

“I think that we were pretty stupid not to recognize domestic violence as a category by itself. No other infractions — failed drug tests, bar fights or DUIs — nothing to me should rise to that level. I’m embarrassed to say that they were lumped together. So, I’m happy that we found ourselves comfortable taking that categorically and putting it into at the top of the list as something that is just unacceptable.”

This article from Sports Illustrated contains some comments from New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on players injuries and concussions. Gronk spoke to Jim Rome and told him he would rather have a concussion than a knee injury. That’s why football will never die.

Our Bears reporter Wanda Wiedman writes that the Bears have made some progress in the offseason.

There was no Zone Blitz this week but Sonja Greenfield and I will be back next week talking NFL and more with Marquita Quinones, Giants OFR and Liz Panucci, Editor/Founder of NFLFemale on next Tuesday’s Episode. Tune in!

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  1. Yea, it’s tough being a Browns fan. Although I now live in Arizona, I grew up in Cleveland watching the Browns since the 80’s. When you look at all the first round draft picks the Browns blew at the QB position from Tim Couch to Brady Quinn, you have to wonder is Manziel next in line?

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