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Kate’s 5 Takes on Week 15

Kate’s 5 Takes on Week 15

Bears 38 Browns 31

Kate Arhar, Official Cleveland Browns Fan Reporter
Kate Arhar, Official Cleveland Browns Fan Reporter

Sigh. For the third week in a row, my Browns have taken a late 4th quarter lead and turned it into defeat.  I guess the bright side is that we can stop complaining about the offense. The offense is putting points on the board and playing with a bit of respectability. It’s the defense that can’t seem to play for a full 60 minutes.  Sigh.  Again.

The real kicker is that this defeat gives us yet another double-digit-loss season. I had such hopes for this year. Nothing crazy like the playoffs, but at least an 8-8 record. It would show the progress that most fans are craving. I guess we still need more time, work, and talent before we can make real progress.


Kate’s Five Takes:

The Run Defense that held such vaunted RBs like Adrian Petersen and Ray Rice to minimal yardage gave up 127 yards to Matt Forte.  He ran all over them in the second half, and, along with Michael Bush, helped lead the Bear’s come-back effort.

Joe Haden – injured.  With a reported hip pointer, we are unsure if Haden will play again this season. First, why risk further injury in two games that mean nothing? Second, well, see reason number one.

The Running Game that has been somewhere between pitiful and pathetic got a little bit of a charge from new acquisition Edwin Baker. He had limited carries in the first half, but was having success and even scored a TD.  Why we didn’t try to run at all in the second half baffles me…just like it has all season. We had 93 yards versus a defense that gives up 150+ per game.  OY.

LB Craig Robertson Photo by AP Images
LB Craig Robertson
Photo by AP Images

Pass Rush… Where did you go?  Jay Cutler was rushed and pressured and gave up two INTs in the first half; no pressure at all in the second. Maybe that’s partly why the Bears stopped passing and went to the ground game, but our defense stopped pressuring him and, with Joe Haden out, he probably could have just kept on slinging it.

Turnover battle. We scored two TDs on turnovers which is awesome! Tashaun Gipson with a pick six in the second quarter, and a TJ Ward fumble recovery in the third. The defense has had its struggles this season and I’ve been quick to bring other fans back down to earth when they start the crazy ‘elite defense’ talk, but I will say this: given an opportunity to take the ball away, the guys have done well this season and, in recent weeks, have turned those turnovers into points, which is always a good thing.

Next up:  The New York Jets. This team is, if possible, a bigger mess than we are as far as an identity goes. Who are they? I don’t know, but I do know this – Ray Horton better get his defense in Geno Smith’s face all day, or we’re in trouble.  Cold weather or not, this rookie has talent and if you give him time, he’ll make you pay. I think our offense will have a great day; it’s just a matter of our defense playing a FULL GAME and keeping Geno off the field.


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