Lights, Camera….Drama??

Official LA Rams Fan Reporter
Official LA Rams Fan Reporter

By Kasey Mcknelly @Cmcknelly

Hollywood and Drama….for the LA Rams this week has been a whole lot of both.

Hall Of Fame running back Eric Dickerson revealed this week that he has been “banned” from the Rams sidelines because his criticism makes the players and coaching staff uncomfortable.  Dickerson has been very vocal about the poor performance of the Rams.

According to Rams COO Kevin Demoff this is all some sort of “miscommunication” and that Eric Dickerson is part of the Rams family and always welcome in the facilities, as well as, the sidelines.  Dickerson has since stated that he will not return to the Coliseum as long as the Rams are being coached by Jeff Fisher.  Dickerson has gained quite an outpouring of support on social media by fans demanding the Rams #FireFisher.

Head Coach Jeff Fisher does admit to having a “very good conversation with Dickerson a couple of weeks ago” and is not sure where this alleged ban is coming from.  NFL Network reporter/analyst Steve Wyche reported earlier this week a conversation that Dickerson recalls between him and Fisher.  Dickerson says he remembers it clearly and he was clearly told he was not welcome on the Rams sidelines as long as he was the head coach, he being Jeff Fisher.

Eric Dickerson image courtesy: Larry Brown Sports
Eric Dickerson image courtesy: Larry Brown Sports

This all sounds like a case of “he said, he said” and is going to be quite a PR nightmare for the Rams organization, especially for a team that has not being playing the best football.  The Rams are currently 4-7 with a tough schedule through the end of the year.

The Rams have finally started their top overall draft pick QB Jared Goff.  He has played 2 games and both were losses but he did have his first NFL touchdown this past Sunday on the road in New Orleans.  He is making improvement each week and trying to prove that he is the Rams bright future.

The Rams may be struggling on the field, post re-location but the Rams wives and families have been finding their way around Hollywood with the premiere of Hollywood and Football last night on the E channel.  The show gives the fans an insight into what it is like being an NFL wife, moving to a new city and finding their way.  The cameras follow 3 particular couples on their journey.  TE Lance Kendricks and wife Danielle, WR Kenny Britt and Sabrina along with G Rodger Saffold and Asia open their lives to the fans and look like they are having a great time.  The show looks to be very fun and entertaining.

The Rams organization is finding their way in Hollywood and I am sure that there will be many more adventures ahead for the team.  This is a contract year for HC Fisher and we are all anxiously awaiting what happens.  The Rams head to New England this week to take on the Patriots. HC Bill Belichick has been very complimentary of the Rams squad, calling them a very good team with a lot of talent, this is something we as Rams fans already know.

Featured image courtesy: Rams Talk

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