Lisa Gulley – AFC North OFR

Lisa Gulley – AFC North OFR

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Lisa Gulley @DawgPoundHound

AFC North Official Fan Reporter
AFC North Official Fan Reporter

It all started with…

“Do you have a dollar, Lisa?” asked a fellow student (a guy sitting at the desk next to me in my 7th grade classroom).  After checking my purse, I replied “Yes, why?”

“Me and the guys” with a sweeping gesture at the other three guys sitting around us, “are doing a pro football pool.  You want to do it? One person wins the pot each week.”

“What do I need to do? I don’t know anything about football.” I said. It was true. I didn’t know ANYTHING, except that when your team scored a touchdown, you cheered like a crazy person.     

With a smug smile, he said “Oh it’s easy.  You just pick who you think will win each game playing this weekend, and whoever gets the most picks right wins the pot.”

Shrugging my shoulders, I said “OK,” and handed him my dollar.  He gave me a slip of paper with that week’s NFL games, and explained I should circle the team I thought would win each game. “Give it back to me by Friday” he reminded me. (Thursday night games didn’t exist then….)

I looked at the paper, and it was completely foreign.  There were these numbers next to the team names, some positive, some negative.  And then there were the team names!  What is a Steeler or a Brown and what are they doing in Pittsburgh and Cleveland?  Why don’t those teams have regular names? Other teams had regular names such as Lions, and Colts. I also remember thinking, “Dang! There goes that eyeliner I wanted.” Anyway, I circled my choices right then and there, based on liking the team name.  I didn’t think much about it that weekend either. We really didn’t watch football at our house. 

My first football winnings
My first football winnings

The following Tuesday, my classmate handed me $5.00.  He simply said, “You won.”

That very moment started my lifelong relationship/obsession with NFL football.

I’m a competitive spirit.  I knew I needed to know more to beat these boys.  After all, I now had a vested interest!  I like to learn, and I like to do research. I started watching the weekly NFL games and paying attention to statistics. I learned those little positive and negative numbers were the point spread. And believe me, if you don’t understand how the point spread works, you won’t be winning the weekly pool to replenish your eyeliner fund.

To learn the complexities of the game, I checked out books from the library (Remember, I’m “experienced” LOL).  I learned football history. I learned referee signals. I learned player names, and their field positions. Learned the function of each position. I learned nicknames for play options. In the offseason, I did my homework by monitoring the NFL Draft. I followed team player and coaching changes. I learned the rules. I learned strategy. I learned the REAL game of FOOTBALL.

I hope this story of my humble introduction to football demonstrates my excitement for this sport. has generously provided a platform which allows me to write about the NFL, specifically the AFC North division – Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens.   

I’m not always politically correct.  My filter is a little damaged.  I know there are many more women involved in NFL football, professionally and as spectators.  In spite of that fact, even in today’s instant access media world, it seems the majority of commentators and reporters are still men. is proof that women can watch football, enjoy it, and more importantly, be fully engaged with it.

I hope to demonstrate my passion for football.  I hope to make you laugh. I hope to entertain you with my opinions. I hope to provide some information.  I hope to make you think. I hope you will be inspired to learn more about the game of FOOTBALL.

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