Look mom we WON: Philadelphia – Cincinnati Recap

Cincinnati Bengals Key Contributor
Cincinnati Bengals Key Contributor

By Andrea Shellow @AyeJaieEss

Eagles 14 Bengals 32

This week in Cincinnati Bengals football there was cause for celebration in The Jungle. The momentum from beginning to end was amazing, aside from a few hiccups, but in the end Cincinnati was victorious. The team looked more alive than they have all season. It was amazing to watch. Here is my quick recap of how it all went down.

Early in the 1st half Adam “Packman” Jones had his eyes on Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor. Jones successfully blocked the play causing the WR to lose possession of the ball. Agholor, however, magically, yes magically (if you would have seen that hit you would have called that recovery magic too) regained possession of the ball. Notably the best block attempt of the game, in my opinion.

Additionally, we see big plays from WR Brandon LaFell. Early in the game he received a pass at 3rd and 9 from Andy Dalton. He ended the day with 95 yards and 1 TD for the Bengals. A name that we have not heard much of this season is rookie WR Cody Core. He made his first NFL reception with a completion from Dalton for 54 yards that led to an assist with Jeremy Hill getting the 2 yard TD late in the 1st quarter. He ended the day with 2 carries and 58 yards in total. 

Rookie WR Tyler Boyd came in big time for his team today as well, ending the game with 66 yards and 4 carries. I don’t know about you guys, but I think AJ Green must have taken the WRs out for smoothies or something this week because they came to play.

We can also mention that Tyler Eifert, in the final drive of the half completed a pass from Dalton to give the Bengals a touchdown closing out the half. I cannot fail to mention the amazing work done by RB Rex Burkhead. That guy showed us that spin move more than once, I personally enjoyed it. He ended the day with 38 yards. It is also worth mentioning the unintentional collaboration that Safety Shawn Williams and Safety George Iloka had early in the 4th. Iloka attempted to intercept a play from Philadelphia, he lost control of the ball, but Williams was there to swoop it up and put the ball in play for Cincinnati.

To say that this game was eventful is an understatement. Considering the way the last 4 games have gone for the Bengals, this was a step in the right direction. Yes, we could stand to minimize the turnover percentage. Sure, we could focus on completing passes and being more in sync, but look at where this team was just last week.

We can see an improvement. The team seems to be coming together and filling in where necessary. I believe that this win was what the team needed to handle the rest of the season. Although our playoff hopes are less than likely that should not stop us from being happy for the way these guys played.

Fun Fact: the Orange Uni/Black Pant combo has not been worn by the boys in stripes in 10 years.

Fun Fact: Sarah Thomas, the NFL’s 1st FEMALE Referee was line judge during the first half. How awesome is that?!
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