Love + Football – Offseason Reading Review

Love + Football – Offseason Reading Review

“Love + Football: How To Play On The Same Team With Your Spouse by Shon & Londina Hyneman”

Kelli O'Dell, Official Washington Redskins Fan Reporter
Kelli O’Dell, Official Washington Redskins Fan Reporter

Make your relationship XXX’s & OOO’s count, this #NFLDRAFT2015 season, and for many to come, with the strategies offered up by this FAITH focused Football Couple!  As the NFL season is fast approaching with #Draft2015 just days away, the couple who plays together, stays together!

My days growing up were filled with sports year round. My parents were on the same page when it came to this like mindedness, so my outlook was. This “healthy addiction” I have to sports, is a plus!  As I got older and looked around, I heard males and females alike, grousing about the other’s “unhealthy obsession with their team” as the NFL season approached.

Shon and Londina Hyneman
Shon and Londina Hyneman

Love + Football: How To Play On The Same Team With Your Spouse by Shon & Londina Hyneman, caught my attention this past January, as part of my offseason football reading.  No better time to let you know Shon Hyneman will be a guest, as will I, on “The Zone Blitz” webcast Tuesday, April 28th, with our NFLFemale co-host, Sonja Greenfield – Official Fan Reporter for the Detroit Lions/NFLFemale and writer for @AGoodSportsHang. Sonja is a mom, wife, nurse, Hampton and Michigan alum.  Follow @NFLFemale @shonhyneman @Mom23RN and me @KelliPatrice16, on Twitter.

To be forthcoming to all of our readers, regardless of beliefs, this faith based football e-book can be found at, along with marriage preparation strategies. Personally, I found the football analogies to be spot on and they frequently gave me pause to laugh out loud, at the obvious!  Click on this link to go to Pinterest to find out a bit more about “hiding injuries from a potential team and spouse”, when seeking out a good team and strong relationship. The e-book is available for purchase on    

Love Football QuoteRecently, I was given the opportunity, following my reading of the e-book, co-authored by Shon Hyneman, with Londina Hyneman, to speak with Shon, co-host of “The Doctor of Love” found on

Kelli: Shon, where did this labor of love come from?

Shon: Kelli, my dream was to be an announcer, to sit in the booth and do play by play. I would dissect all of the football games, wanting more knowledge and a better understanding of the “Language of Football”.  As a teen, beginning to date, an “epiphany” took place and I made the connection that became the foundation for “Love + Football: How to Play On the Same Team With Your Spouse”.

Kelli: Please elaborate, with some of the examples from the e-book.

Shon: Here are a few; The “Draft” reminded me of single people who desire to marry and how they go about making their decisions to choose their helpmate.  Respecting your personal franchise, a person must choose carefully based upon critical factors much like the NFL Draft. Every NFL franchise has a playbook, and it contains the strategies to win. Every person is seeking strategies to win in their choice of their life partner, with the desired result being a successful relationship. The words “perfect parallel” came to mind.   As a faith based man and wife, Londina and I find “The Bible”, is our franchise playbook. We discuss on our show, “The Doctor of Love” found on, and in the e-book, through a variety of football analogies, the discovering and navigation of relationships, through proven strategies found in our playbook, “The Bible”.

Kelli:  Shon, for those that are getting ready for their personal “Draft”, as we as football enthusiasts ready for #NFLDraft2015, utilizing “The Bible”, as the playbook, what nuggets do you wish to share?

Shon: A couple of winning strategies:

  • Study and know your playbook – “The Bible”
  • God 1st in marriage
  • Teamwork – be a helpmate
  • Commitment – life is full of both winning and losing seasons
  • Press on through “losing seasons”
  • Forgiveness
  • Love can change people
  • Soften a hard heart
  • Don’t be quick to “demand a trade”
  • Exercise your patience
Order yours now!
Order yours now!

Kelli: Thank you, Shon, I can definitely see the analogies you speak of when it comes to carefully selecting a #1 Draft Pick (LOL) and pressing on through “losing seasons”. I want a lifetime of Super Bowl victories, as I am sure our readers do, as well.”

In a world where so many are seeking their own relationship “Super Bowl”,  Shon and Londina Hyneman, in Love + Football: How to Play On the Same Team With Your Spouse offer their playbook – “The Bible”.  Husband and wife for over 13 years, mentors, author of 5 books and founder of, which prepares singles for marriage.

Shon and Londina are also hosts of The Doctor of Love Show podcast, where they discuss real topics on relationships in a spiritual and practical way so you can get out there and play your very best game!

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    1. Thank you, Shon, it was indeed my privilege and pleasure to interview you after reading Love + Football: How to Play On The Same Team With Your Spouse!

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