Minnesota Vikings – Win, Win, UGH!!

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Minnesota Vikings – Win, Win, UGH!!

By Virlisa Lane @TheREALMrsLane

Official Minnesota Vikings Fan Reporter
Official Minnesota Vikings Fan Reporter

Yep, that is how the last three weeks of football have been for us Vikings fan.  We defeated Todd Gurley and his St. Louis Rams and Derek Carr and his Oakland Raiders, giving the Vikings a five game winning streak before going head to head with Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers.

We all know that the win against the Rams happened in overtime and that it was the second consecutive week that kicker, Blair Walsh kicked the winning field goal.  I do believe that this game is one of the top games where our defense dominated. You have to remember that that was the week everyone was commenting about how running back Todd Gurley is the “new” Adrian Peterson.  Let the record show that our defense held the Rams to 2 of 16 on third downs, about five yards per pass attempt and one lonely touchdown, and Todd Gurley finished the game with only 89 yards on 24 carries.

I had no worries going into the Oakland Raiders game because to me the Raiders are irrelevant. I know what you are saying, “That was a little harsh” but it’s my truth.  Yes, the Raiders put up a ridiculous amount of points in their last few games but our defense is too dominant to let that happen. As we all witnessed, the Vikings held the Raiders offense to only 14 points and they were shut out the whole second half. Adrian Peterson finished with 26 carries for 203 yards, including an 80 yard touchdown.  Let’s not forget cornerback, Terence Newman with not one but two picks.  The poor Raiders never had a chance.

Now it is time to face the UGH. Yes, that would be the unfortunate loss to the Green Bay Packers. I so desperately wanted to win this game but with costly mistakes and penalties that win wasn’t happening.  I do want to say that this game was nothing like the game against San Francisco because there were things that we did do good, but something was off.  I do not want to spend a lot of time thinking about this loss because it saddens me. I do believe that the Packers are not that great of a team, this year.

I am very proud of my Vikings team this season and what they have accomplished so far. We are a very young team with a coach only in his second year. The Vikings are 7-3, ranked first in the NFC North division.  We still have a lot of football and we have three tough teams to play going forward but if we correct our mistakes from the last game and play smart football we defiantly could pull off more victories than losses.  So cheer up Minnesota the season is not over.  Let’s rally up and get ready to pluck some Dirty Birds this Sunday.

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