New Meaning of Believe In Blue

Official Indianapolis Colts Fan Reporter
Official Indianapolis Colts Fan Reporter

By Julie Voigt @SwhrtColtsFan13

Frustrations move in, divided we’ve become.

Colts 27 Jaguars 30

I almost did it.

I almost wrote my article based upon an emotion. 

That is one of my rules of reason for life.  Never give your opinion based upon an emotion.  Also, my mom has always told me never base an action upon an emotion.  The phrase sounds so much better in Spanish, but nonetheless, I think it would have been disastrous to let my feelings out.

I could go into the numbers for the day. Or the stats for this game, but I choose not to.  Numbers have no meaning for me at the moment. In fact, the final score of the game means a lot more than anything, and with that said, the Indianapolis Colts fell short of a win, yet again to the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-30 in London at Wembley Stadium. 

A game, that since it was announced when the season schedule was released, I had reservations about it for some reason.  But who am I?  Just another meaningless Season Ticket Holder who sits up in the nosebleed sections cheering this broken team week after week, season after season.  Definitely not even near being labeled as “Super Fan Status”.  I’m just another fan with another opinion. In fact, if fan opinions counted, well, I’ll just leave it at that.

To sum up the game, Indy takes part in the NFL International Series against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London.  Jags were 0-3.  After the 3rd qtr, Indianapolis tried to climb back, but if I am not mistaken, the Colts couldn’t even take the lead.  Colts fall short and add up another loss for this struggling team as the Colts pack up their bags and fly back home, a 1-3 team for the season. 

We can sit here and blame offense, defense, coaching, the “he said, she said” crew.  It’s easy to put blame on what, where and why this team is not performing up to par. Why this team is being labeled as the worse defense in the league, and at times, seeing on Twitter that Andrew Luck is the most overpaid quarterback in the league. 

Obviously as Colts fans, we are frustrated.  As for me, and I am entitled to my opinion, I am frustrated.  I’m sure I am not the only frustrated one, and I’m sure that this is probably not going to be the most frustrating game we are going to watch.  We still have Texans, Tennessee, New England, Pittsburgh to play. There will be more heartaches.  But we just gotta keep believing. Believe that this too shall pass.  This can be better. It will get better.

Next weekend, the Monsters of the Midway, the Chicago Bears will come down to Indianapolis to take on the Colts.  The last time the Colts played the Bears we won 21-41 in Chicago. But we will always remember the Super Bowl win against the Bears in Miami when the Colts took home the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLI.  The history between these 2 teams are dated back all the way to 1953. The Colts lead series against the Bears 23-19-0.

In my short history, I have lived in Bears Country my whole entire life.  If Colts do not grab a W against this team, I just might never leave my house again, in my Colts get up gear. 

True Blue Die Hard Colts fans have a saying…Believe in Blue.  That has been taken in so many directions.  For me, it means that I believe that this team could be so much better.  It might mean some major changes ahead but I have not given up, although I might have given up on some players, coaches, and maybe even some fans.

I am not going to sit here and say that the season is still early.  Or that there is plenty of football to be played this season.  I’m not even sure how this team can get it together without making major changes that could, and would, affect the season if done now.  The 2016 season may be a rough one, and it may get a little bit more rougher as well.  But you have to stick through, accept it, and change the wrongdoings.

After this loss, I’m still going to be traveling for home games.  I’m still going to be wearing the blue and white. I’m still going to get frustrated, and need to walk away from the game and recollect, but all in all, I’m still going to be supporting this team, through heartache and hailstorms. I may not have a say in the season, I may not be a well-known fan, or writer, but I still Believe in Blue.

Think of it this way, 5 more weeks until Colts have a Bye week.  Maybe, just maybe, this will be a time to heal. A time to work on things both physically and mentally for this team. Or maybe, it will be too late to get this team together, and it will become more divided. Time will tell.

Until next week, Colts Nation!

Believe in Blue!!

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