NFC West Preseason Recap

NFC West Preseason Recap

By Pattie Cabrido @pkc808

NFC West Official Fan Reporter
NFC West Official Fan Reporter

Arizona Cardinals

After having to rely on backup quarterbacks for most of last season, the Cardinals are healthy and looking to be a competitor in the division. The Cards open the season at home against the New Orleans Saints, and hope to build on the success they saw last season, despite their injuries. Keep an eye on veteran WR Larry Fitzgerald, whom some analysts say is on his way out.

San Francisco 49ers

After losing not only their head coach, but impact players on both the offense and defense, the 2015 team is going to look very different than they’ve looked in recent years. The 9ers open the season at home against the Minnesota Vikings, which will definitely test their new core. Keep an eye on QB Colin Kaepernick whom, after an underwhelming season last year, spent the offseason training with, and impressing, Super Bowl champion quarterback Kurt Warner.

Seattle Seahawks

After a Sports Illustrated article discussed the tension on the team after Super Bowl XLIX, and how they supposedly moved on, everyone wants to know: will the Seahawks make it back to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row? The Hawks open the season in St Louis against the Rams, hoping for a different outcome than their last visit to the Dome. While the defense has always (at least in recent years) provided a majority of the excitement, keep an eye on the offense to see if their new weapons (newly acquired TE Jimmy Graham, rookie WR Tyler Lockett and recently repositioned WR BJ Daniels) along with veteran WRs Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse can show us why QB Russell Wilson deserves the huge contract extension he received in the offseason.

St Louis Rams

While the Rams defense have proven they’re nothing to laugh at, the offense has failed to receive anywhere close to that kind of recognition or respect. When they open the season at home against the NFC champion Seattle Seahawks, they’re hoping to repeat the outcome of last year’s divisional matchup at the Dome. Don’t underestimate the offense this year, with veteran QB Nick Foles taking the reins, and rookie RB Todd Gurley looking to prove that he’s just as dangerous now as he was before his college career ending ACL injury in 2014.

That’s your NFC West division recap as we head into Week 1 of the NFL.


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  1. Good summary Pattie! Still worried about getting Kam back, or worse yet losing him to another team (especially to an NFC West team, they wouldn’t do that would they?) Cardinals make me very nervous this year, should be another great season! #GoHawks

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