NFL Honors – A dinner worth honoring this year’s best!

Photo credits: Kimberly Toureiro

NFL Honors – A dinner worth honoring this year’s best!

An inexpensive posh meal

By Kimberly Toureiro @KitchenSprout

Beautiful Kimberly Toureiro holding a NFL football
Kimberly Toureiro, Homegating Special Contributor

It has been an invigorating season, riddled with impeccable athletic abilities!  From the usual suspects to breakout rookies and those coming into their own. Time to recognize the individuals whose talents helped make and shape the 50th year of this beloved sport.  Join me Saturday February 6th as the NFL Honors the best of the best!  Follow me, as I pair this prestigious award ceremony with an equally decadent meal. 

Leonardo Da Vinci’s famed quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”  is exactly my game plan, to compliment the NFL in “Black Tie“.  Tonight, I have chosen grilled Flank Steak, sauteed Crimini mushrooms in Thyme Butter, Sweet Potato mash with Ginger, Arugula salad in Truffle Oil and Aged Balsamic, all paired with the ever seductive and luxurious Prosecco (Italian champagne) hailed from Treviso. This menu allows you to have “Champagne taste; on Beer money”!  Each component is a star on their own, yet when all brought together, each cohesive mouthful is a symphony for the taste buds.  A sense of royalty kicks in once married with the crisp, clean magic bubbles of the Prosecco, resulting in a true TOUCHDOWN of flavors to celebrate and honor, alongside, these NFL nominees.



1. Preferably in a cast iron grill pan or skillet, ensure that your steak has been brought to room temperature prior to cooking. 

2. Generously rub meat in olive oil, season liberally with coarse sea salt.

3. Ensure the pan is on high heat.

4. Sear each side for 6 minutes, flipping only once and basting the exposed side with a teaspoon of butter.

5. Remove from pan, and allow to rest 10 minutes.

6. It is imperative that with a very sharp blade, the meat is sliced against the grain.

#kimberlysliced flank


1. Score all sides of sweet potatoes, and place in 350F oven for 1 hour 30 minutes.

2. Finely chop the desired amount of ginger.

3. Peel off the scored skin after potatoes have cooled.

4. In saucepan place chopped ginger, potatoes, 4 tablespoons of butter, then mash.



1. Infuse a spoonful or two of room temperature butter with thyme leaves.

2. Quarter mushrooms.

3. Sautee mushrooms at medium heat, season with salt and add additional sprigs of thyme.

4. Serve when mushrooms are at your desired tenderness.

Finally, plate this sumptuous meal alongside the dressed arugula, pop open the cork of the Prosecco, have a toast to Super Bowl 50, the season and to all the NFL nominees and winners.  Enjoy all nuances of extravagance that each bite offers, feel all the sparkle that this effervescent drink provides as you immerse yourself in every morsel. “ClinkClink”


Everyday Tips To Take Away 

  • Cook steak at room temperature, which ensures an even cook.
  • Allow your meat to rest ten minutes before slicing.
  • Slice flank steak against the grain.
  • Roasted potatoes ensure extra richness of flavor, over boiling them.

Have this, fit for a King or Queen, entree lavish your guests with sensations of splendor, while applauding each of the NFL winners. Clank your glasses of Prosecco in full celebration, of all that is NFL football.

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