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By Alexandra Hodgins @allyhodgins85

Haloti Ngata is a defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions since 2015. He previously played for the Baltimore Ravens for nine seasons, where he was a five-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl XLVII champion. Before being drafted to the NFL, Ngata attended the University of Oregon until he was drafted 12th overall by the Ravens.

In 2012, Ngata and his wife Christina founded the Haloti Ngata Family Foundation. They founded the foundation to help organizations and individuals throughout the United States.

In 2015, the Ngata’s created the Ofa Ngata College Preparation Fund. “Ofa” is the Tongan word for love. It is also the name of Haloti’s late mother. She was dedicated in improving the lives of others during her life, and that’s how the foundation was created.

The fund is partnered with the Salt Lake Education Foundation, and provides college-preparation resources to high school students in the Salt Lake City school district board where the Ngata’s grew up. In 2015, the fund had provided 150 students ACT preparation courses.  To help raise money for the fund, the Ngata’s host an annual luau. At the 2014 luau, the Haloti Ngata Family Foundation donated to the Carroll County’s annual Camp (C.O.P.S) program $10,000.

In 2014, while Ngata played for the Ravens, a fan received a trip of a lifetime. The fan wasn’t able to see his favorite player play for the Baltimore Ravens because his family could not afford it. The fans mother sent an email to the Haloti Ngata Family Foundation explaining her sons love for the Ravens and Ngata. The foundation paid airfare, hotel and tickets for the boy and his father to attend the Ravens game against the Steelers.

Not only is Haloti Ngata a great football player, but a great person. Football is family, and what Haloti and Christina do for organizations and individuals is remarkable and we can’t thank them enough!

Learn more and/or donate to the Haloti Ngata Family Foundation

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