Official Kansas City Chiefs Fan Reporter
Official Kansas City Chiefs Fan Reporter

By Neta Davis @ND622

Jets 3 Chiefs 24

I didn’t write an article last week for the Texans game–there was nothing to say other than EVERYTHING was bad.  Not even funny bad.  Just wallowing in pity sad bad.  And no one has time to relive that or to spend time reading about that. 

When the opposing team allows eight turnovers, however, winning should be the only result.   And this was the kindest gift the New York Jets could give to Kansas City. 

The first thing the Chiefs did right was putting TE Travis Kelce back in the game plan.  Six receptions, 89 yards, and the only offensive TD in the game in the first quarter. Which brings us to the weakness in Kansas City and the appropriateness of the Jets gift.  Kansas City needed a win like this, if for no other reason, to bolster the offense’s confidence. 

After that remarkable San Diego comeback game in Week 1, where has the offense gone?  Seventeen of the 24 points today came from Special Teams and Defense–K Cairo Santos field goal when the offense couldn’t get in the end zone; then TE Demetrius Harris‘s fumble recovery during the ensuing kickoff to the Jets; and finally LB Derrick Johnson‘s sweet INT and 55-yard run late in the fourth. 

RB Spencer Ware was a sole offensive highlight, plowing through New York’s defenders and at times taking them along for a ride, stacking up 20 carries for 75 yards and diving disappointingly for not a touchdown in the third quarter but into a fumble and touchback in the Jets’ favor.   

Alex Smith came away with 25 completions out of 33 attempts, 237 yards, and 1 TD.  But with the defensive effort he had, shouldn’t the score have been higher?  There is something fowl going on with the offensive line and/or QB Alex  Smith’s belief in them.   Has anyone else noticed the Grbac-like happy feet he’s taken to?  That needs to be resolved ASAP if they want to be the team they look like on paper and that Chiefs Kingdom wants them to be. 

Yes, the Chiefs defense was crazy good against New York, a team that came in with a cumulative 59 points in their first two games.  They walked away from the game with one field goal.  End of story.  It wasn’t for lack of trying but rather a testament to the Kansas City secondary and run defense.

CB Marcus Peters had a great game–two INTs, making for a total of 13 in his career 21 games.  I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for this rising star.  In that vein, too, WR Tyreek Hill is making the most of his second chance.  He’s going to make a big reception this year as well as run back a return for a TD.  Mark my words.  He’s the exciting unknown in the mix that also has bright lights in the future.  Less obvious but just as important are the defending efforts by S Ron Parker, S Eric Berry, and S Daniel Sorensen, the latter two walking away with, what else, INTs. 

But that’s not to say there isn’t room for improvement–no sacks (which means no BOGO on Big Macs Monday for Kansas Citians), and a non-existent pass rush.  Sure, OLB Justin Houston is due back in November, older and recovering from surgery, but who are the Chiefs developing to gel, LB Tampa Hali and DT Dontari Poe so that they can pass rush and sack again? 

I want to think this is going to be THE Kansas City Chiefs team that the fan base has been hoping for.   It’s discouraging to see them take so long to find their feet and solid ground.   Is it a warmup or a temporary blimp?   Regardless, the team needs to find their personality and talents before next Sunday night’s game against Pittsburgh–a make-or-break affair.   

PS. My Twitter timeline showed a handful of U.K. fans attending the game in Kansas City, some for the home team, some for the visitors.  Hope you all had a great Arrowhead experience and now understand what all the fuss is about.  Kansas Citians are a wonderful, warm people, who want you to love Kansas City as much as they do. Please let me know how your game day went (aside from the win/loss, of course)!

PPS. Shout out to the classy, phenomenal fullback Tony Richardson who was inducted into the Chiefs Hall of Fame during this game.  Don’t know what took them this long, Mr Richardson.

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