Previewing the Denver/Indy Game

Denver Broncos Key Contributor
Denver Broncos Key Contributor

By Julie Dixon @ABroncoNole

What the Indianapolis Colts do well…

It revolves around quarterback, Andrew Luck. Give him time in the pocket and he will eventually make our No Fly Zone miss. The NFZ is the nickname Denver’s defensive backs have given themselves. They’re not going to allow any passes in their zone.

Luck makes snappy decisions and gets rid of the ball quick. His balls have a lot of zip and when he has time to throw, are accurate. Their offensive line isn’t bad at pass protection. He’s also getting a little better at not waiting for plays to develop but dumping a short pass off. This is where ILB’s Todd Davis and Brandon Marshall will be crucial.

Luck will spread the ball around using anyone with hands. He will use the hurry up and pass game to tire our defense out. Instead of playing smash mouth, he’ll make us run every play. Cover their tight ends. Force a drop in concentration. That’s where a NFZ miss can occur.

Where the Colts can be exploited…

Luck is more often taking the check down, choosing a short pass to a RB or TE as a last resort, rather than scrambling like the days of old, or waiting for the deep route, until he has identified what part of the defensive line is soft. The key to stopping Luck early is forcing him from the pocket or collapsing it. His accuracy is poor when he can’t set his feet.

Their left side is more vulnerable to being pushed back, so that should be the attack point. Their run game is poor because their run block is. NTs Sylvester Williams/Darius Kilgo and DE Derek Wolfe shouldn’t have a problem stopping them up the middle.

The Colts are an emotionally driven team. Shut them down early and they’re easily exploited. Give them a few good plays and they’ll play beyond their talent level. It’s vital that both our offense and defense keep their cleats to their throats.

Colts Defense. Oy.

Against the Lions, even when they knew RB Theo Riddick was going to be an option, they still couldn’t stop him. Their edge rushers are anemic. Their linebackers as a unit, are looking for a blood transfusion.

RB CJ Anderson and FB Andy Janovich should be able to run for 150 yards. As long as LG Max Garcia can up his game, QB Trevor Siemian should have time to make the throws he wants. This is a perfect game to dink and dunk and use TE Virgil Green. Shove the ball down their throats.

The Colts secondary is not 100% or anywhere close. Matthew Stafford had a league high 79.5% completion percentage, 340 yards and a 128.6 quarterback rating. If WR Demaryius Thomas does play, this is the game for Head Coach Gary Kubiak to call one or two surprise deep passes to the left. CB Antonio Cromartie won’t be able to match DT or WR Emmanuel Sanders‘ speed. They’ll be so concerned at stopping the dink and dunk, they won’t be expecting the deep ball. Not even sure they have four healthy defensive backs.

Indy gave up 448 yards, 111 of that to running backs. They only had 61 of their own rushing yards by their RBs. That is pitiful. That was against the Detroit Lions.

In conclusion, this should be a high yardage run game for us. It’s also a great opportunity, if Kubes chooses to do so, to unleash Siemian and see some deep passes. I could foresee three rushing TDs and two or three passing. Maybe a 45-14 game.

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