Week 5 – Power Rankings

Denver Broncos Key Contributor
Denver Broncos Key Contributor

By Julie Dixon @ABroncoNole

A delayed Power Ranking…

MOTHER NATURE- Hurricane Matthew wrecked my town, reminding us that no one has more power than Mother Nature

VIKINGS- I do not like this team, so it hurts me to put them here, but they’re 5-0 and have a really easy cake walk schedule. Which is better than Lutfisk.

STEELERS- the Eagles know how to pierce their armor, but other teams haven’t.

BRONCOS- only reason don’t have them #1 is because their OL without its starters is smelly socks. Depth here is a serious issue…as usual.

COWBOYS- another NFC team I don’t like. If Jerry Jones sits Dak Prescott, he needs to let the actor who plays him on Ballers, take over.

EAGLES- Carson Wentz may have finally landed, but this team is still pretty good. Their schedule isn’t.

PACKERS- The Broncos may have broken Aaron like most of the QBs they’ve played, but they’re still packing some strong weapons.

PATRIOTS- gee, Tom Brady* is back. He defeated the 0-5 Browns, what a feat. The Dolphins, Ravens, Redskins and Eagles all scored 25+ on them. (Shh)

R- I just can’t even spell out this Black Hole team. A perfect fit for Vegas.

Then there’s a pancake flip of teams in the middle, pick a stack, give it a number, slap some butter on it and move on to the ones who hit the floor…

CHARGERS- these team powers down after it takes a lead, call Duracell.

PANTHERS-y’all picked their QB and HC as MVPs…Most Violently Putrid.

BEARS- Foxes are eaten by Bear, this Fox gave them Montazumas Revenge.

49ers- because a guy whose hair weighs more than his body is sure to save the day.

DOLPHINS- maybe if they joined forces with the nasty University of Miami fans they could defeat the 49ers.

TEXANS- πŸ˜‚ 72M πŸ˜‚and yet y’all didn’t want to pay Peyton Freakin’ Manning πŸ’.

BROWNS- maybe they should get UPS drivers to suit up and hire Peyton Freakin’ Manning.

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