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Chicago Bears Key Contributor
Chicago Bears Key Contributor

By Emily Gallizo @emgchae

49ers 6 Bears 26

It’s been a rough season for the Chicago Bears filled with injuries, misconduct and faulty plays but on December 4th their luck seemed to change. The Bears have come close to winning in the last couple of games but haven’t quite stepped up to par since their game against the Minnesota Vikings back in week 8 (20-10). The Bears currently are 3-9. 

After the Vikings game, Bears fans everywhere rejoiced upon the fierce return of Jay Cutler. Cutler displays the skills of a truly talented quarterback but usually seems to let the pressure of the game get the best of him. I, myself, was proud of his comeback and ready to watch the rest of the season unfold.

Unfortunately, bad news was soon to be delivered as the Bears played the New York Giants.  Bears fans everywhere were distressed once again as Cutler injured the labrum (shoulder) of his throwing arm during the game against the Giants. Before realizing the extent of the injury HC John Fox stated that it might not quite be the end to Cutler’s career, although, that was the word being passed around on the street. Cutler soon found out he would need surgery for repair and was placed on IR.

Me and my friend at Soldier Field
Me and my friend at Soldier Field

On the first snow here in Chicago, the Bears displayed their strengths in their offensive and defensive lines. This game, after the loss vs. the Tennessee Titans, had fans worried about the performance Matt Barkley would display. Happily, Chicagoans didn’t have to watch the Bears lose as the San Francisco 49ers didn’t see a touchdown, but did get two field goals. The 49ers received these 6 points in the second quarter. The Bears had a 1 yd rushing TD by RB Jordan Howard in the second quarter, a 2 yd TD by Howard in the third quarter, another TD by Howard in the third quarter and a field goal in the fourth quarter.

The real MVP of the game Sunday was Jordan Howard. He got all three touchdowns for the Bears, carried 32 times and ran for 117 yards. For standard fantasy football leagues, he earned everyone a whopping 29 points.

K Connor Barth had 100% completion on all PATs as well as a 47-yard field goal.

Injuries/Reserve: Becton (OL), Boykin (DB), Cutler (QB), Ferguson (DL), Fuller (CB), Grasu (OL), Houston (OLB), Hoyer (QB), Long (RG), Mason (LB), Miller (TE), Shaw (QB), Sutton (NT), Trevathan (ILB), and White (WR).

Suspended: Freeman and Jeffery.

Stats Breakdown – Passing yards: 184. Rushing yards: 142. Time of Possession: 31:18. Turnover: 1. 3rd down % completion: 42.9%.

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