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Seattle Seahawks Key Contributor
Seattle Seahawks Key Contributor

By Shannon Sanchez @ShannonSanchez3

For those of you who are not Seattle Seahawks fans, please bear with me.  I admit that I got this idea watching our team last weekend and I will own the accusation that I am Seahawk-centric.  But the initial question of how quarterback Russell Wilson is playing with a high ankle sprain grew into the thought of how any of these players can continue to play at a high level when they are battling injury.

I decided to educate myself on the high ankle sprain and see if I could make sense of it. I read many articles, some medical writings of which I did not understand at all.  I thought it would make me smarter, but it only confirmed the obvious.  I also watched video on the explanation of high ankle sprains, some of those were medical as well.  I did better with that until one suddenly cut to an actual ankle surgery.  That only confirmed the obvious again, I’m not a surgeon. 

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From my 2 hour,  in-depth study of the high ankle sprain that came to an abrupt halt when I screamed and shut my eyes, it appears that among the different ligaments torn, there is a crucial one that connects the two bones farther up the lower leg (Syndesmosis).  If it tears, there is no connection between the two bones (Tibia and fibula).  So the body weight of a person can actually continue to tear these two bones apart (mysportsdoc).  At worse, surgery becomes the only option.  There are differing degrees of severity, but even at the least critical, prognosis is from 6 – 8 weeks to 4 months recovery time.  (

Yet, Russell Wilson is not the first player in this game to go back out to play a game the next week.  These players are gifted athletes but are they superhuman?    Over the years, I hear injury reports just like any other NFL fan hears.  I understand that these injuries will affect play on the field and worse, my fantasy lineup.  But until I saw a player whose mobility I took for granted, become immobile, I really hadn’t thought about the toll this takes on these young men.  These players play injured not just hurt.  And for all the injuries we hear about, there are probably many more we don’t. 

I am a little embarrassed by my ignorance about something so obvious, but I hope that I don’t grow used to expecting a player to stay at their peak performance after an injury. Understanding how drastic any injury can get and realizing that many of these players are performing with injuries that would incapacitate the average person, my admiration has grown.

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