Paradigm Crisis

NFL Good Guy Key Contributor
NFL Good Guy Key Contributor

By Shannon Sanchez @ShannonSanchez3

I am having a paradigm shift, actually I think I am having a paradigm crisis.  I have determined to write some articles that were uplifting.  Articles that would leave the readers feeling good about the not-so-well-known stories of their favorite NFL athletes or teams. 

So, it was interesting, as I started to Google the “most generous” players in the NFL and a particular name came up.  Thinking it was an anomaly I broadened my search and this time the name showed up amongst other athletes in other sports like Neymar, Michael Phelps.   He is not only considered one of the most generous in the NFL but in the US. 

He has started a foundation that has found its way into numerous areas of need, in local communities and international.  He has given to his former high school enough money to help put in a turf field.  A huge endowment to his alma mater.  He has helped internationally in Cameroon and Jamaica.  He has led initiatives for attendance in inner city schools, provided up to 90 students with much needed school supplies, breast cancer funding, amongst many other efforts. 

It isn’t that other professional athletes don’t give like this, it’s the amount of money and other resources which includes thoughtful research and a life-long commitment to giving, that started as a child.  The articles that I read vary a bit as to how much he gives but they all agree that he out gives almost every other NFL player.  

This mysterious, generous player is not one that would immediately come to mind as being the most generous of the league, although it might not be a surprise in the cities where he played.   Nationally, this player isn’t one who is well known for his generosity or thoughtfulness.  In fact, his name is the first we think of when there is controversy or when someone plays “dirty”.  And that is where I have identified my crisis.  As an NFL fan in other markets outside of the one that he has played for, I only know him as a player that you can’t trust… on the field.

Who is the mystery philanthropist?  It is none other than the ever scrutinized, ever criticized Ndamukong Suh.

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Image courtesy: Fox Sports

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