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NF: Where did you learn about football – When? and from Who?

AS: I watched football as a little girl with my Dad.  I have been an Atlanta Falcons fan since 1982, so was already watching the NFL and was also already a long time Clemson Tigers fan by then.  My Dad taught me about the game, then I just kept watching and studying and buying football magazines.

When I was in college, I worked as an assistant for a coach and took “Coaching Team Sports – Football” to nail down all the details at that time.  Currently, I listen to sports radio all day, so I get all of the detailed information, changes, analysis, and views from former players.

NF: Priorities of Life – What are your top 3?

AS: My church and serving.  My kittens.  My Atlanta Falcons.  At least I started strong.  I have been going to Elevation Church since Christmas of 2011, when I was out of work, and been serving since February of 2012.  While Elevation is a megachurch, it is easy to get close to people by serving on our numerous volunteer teams on campus.  I am also a Liaison for one of our outreach partners, Children’s Hope Alliance, so I coordinate volunteer events there throughout the year. 

Of course, my precious kittens, Payton and Cordelia.  They were adopted from a local animal control in June.  They bring so much joy and I love to watch them play.  The whole house is set up 95% for their comfort, or to avoid their kitten destruction.  They are super smart and adorable. 

During the football season especially, the rest of my schedule and vacation time is set to accommodate the Falcon schedule.  As mentioned above, I listen to Atlanta sports radio all day and follow everyone that is anyone on Twitter to keep up to date on the minute by minute news.  I take vacation days to attend training camp and special season ticket holder events.  My mood for Sunday (and possibly through the entire week) is dependent on the results of our game.  By November and December, I am able to take the Mondays after home games off so I can rest and write my article.  I can talk for hours about all 3 of these priorities, so don’t get any of those conversations started if you aren’t ready for that.

NF: If you had any job in the world – what would it be, and why?

AS: As always, not one simple answer for me.  My first best job would be to own the Atlanta Falcons.  If I could afford to own the Falcons, I would have enough money to create and run all of my charities as well.  If I cannot own the Falcons, I would love to cover them professionally, as a writer, sideline reporter, social media, actually working for the Falcons.  So, writing for NFLFemale is a piece of that dream coming true.  I would love to work for or run a successful animal charity, for adoptions, awareness, and education.  I created bi yearly adoption expos that I hosted for 7 years before being laid off by my employer – which is what was the overall host and funder of the event.

NF: How has your association with NFLFemale been a positive influence in your world?

AS: The top positive for me is being able to meet via email or Twitter so many of the other ladies, and this year getting to meet and spend time with 8 ladies in Canton at the Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend.  Meeting, getting to know, and bonding with these ladies was so special and I know we will be friends for life.  Writing has also made me pay even more attention to the game and information from radio shows.  NFLFemale has also made me more social media active and therefore connecting with even more Falcon fans, radio personalities, getting a short weekly radio spot to talk Falcons, and a couple of interviews with former Falcons and player wives.

NF: If you want to know the real side of sports legends, listen to their kids and grandkids. What do you hope others say about you?

AS: That Allison lived life.  She gave back to help others.  She was like her mother in many ways.  She was entertaining, funny, and enjoyable to be around.

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