Quick 5 with Carolyn Da Silva, NY Giants Key Contributor

New York Giants Key Contributor
New York Giants Key Contributor

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NF: Where did you learn about football – When? and from Who?

CDS: In New Jersey from my husband.

NF: Priorities of Life: What are your top 3?

CDS: Family / Love and Harmony / Quality and Comfort

NF: If you had any job in the world – what would it be, and why?

CDS: Spokeswoman/Chairwoman of a board of directors dedicated to Charity Fundraising for Children Trafficking because it’s a huge issue, growing with not enough awareness, and it happens every day.

NF: How has your association with NFLFemale been a positive influence in your world?

CDS: It helps me engage with more women out there who share my same interests in football. It makes me feel like I’m not alone!

NF: If you want to know the real side of sports legends, listen to their kids and grandkids. What do you hope others say about you?

CDS: Hard working loving mom, fun, happy and spontaneous who always battled with her demons and overcame her fears!

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