Chicago Bears Key Contributor
Chicago Bears Key Contributor

Come chat Bears with me @emgchae

NF: Where did you learn about football – When? and from Who?

EG: I learned about football early on. My great uncle works for the Chicago Bears so naturally our whole family is die hard Bears fans. I really got into football in college. I attended the University of Iowa (B1G 10). I went to many games and always watched on tv or kept track. I ended up loving everything about football. I also became involved in fantasy football which made watching football 100X more fun.

NF: Priorities of Life – What are your top 3?

EG: Happiness, becoming a nurse practitioner, and getting season tickets for the Bears.

NF: If you had any job in the world – what would it be, and why?

EG: I would have done something associated with sports i.e sports broadcasting or sports medicine.

NF: How has your association with NFLFemale been a positive influence in your world?

EG: It’s been positive already because a lot of my friends aren’t into football as much as I am. I am a nut who watches the NFL three times a week and college football on Saturdays. I am so happy to know there are women out there who are die hard fans as much as I am and proud to be who they are. Sometimes I get discouraged, like my love for football is too much for people, but this association reminds me that it makes me who I am, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

NF: If you want to know the real side of sports legends, listen to their kids and grandkids. What do you hope others say about you?

EG: I would hope they say I have a kind heart and that I tried my best to help the lives of others. I recently went back to school and this month am getting my nursing degree. I hope to be in the ER again as I was this semester. I would hope that they expressed that I am unique in the type of person I am, and was inspiring. I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions and never forget to put themselves first to achieve happiness that every single person deserves.

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