Quick 5 with Neta Davis, Chiefs OFR

Official Kansas City Chiefs Fan Reporter

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NF: Where did you learn about football – When? and from Who?

ND: It was very organic between always having a Pittsburgh Steelers or Kansas City Chiefs game on while growing up, learning it during gym classes, and watching it while being a cheerleader in high school.  I had no male role models while growing up, so it was all through other women, the occasional boyfriend, or self-study.

NF: Priorities of Life – What are your top 3?

ND: Retire from my full-time job in 2020; Practice and strengthen my inner serenity; Laugh as much as possible every day.

NF: If you had any job in the world – what would it be, and why?

ND: Travel writer–see the world and share the hidden gems. I really admire Rick Steves.

NF: How has your association with NFLFemale been a positive influence in your world?

ND: It has greatly strengthened my writing and social media skills as well as making me feel included in a family of very special ladies.

NF: If you want to know the real side of sports legends, listen to their kids and grandkids. What do you hope others say about you?

ND: That I made them feel important, made them laugh, inspired them to be a better version of themselves, and opened them up to a different perspective on events and life in general.

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