San Diego Chargers Are Poised For An Epic Season

Felipe Rios aka Philip Rivers

San Diego Chargers Are Poised For An Epic Season

By Cindi Spears-Cahill @ChargerGrlCindi

Official San Diego Chargers Fan Reporter
Official San Diego Chargers Fan Reporter

Heading in to week three of the regular season at 1-1 may not suggest that the San Diego Chargers have a roster full of talent, but the AFC West team is loaded with stars just waiting to take the spotlight.  Here are a few of those stars that are going to be super fun to watch.

Antonio Gates:  The 6′ 4″, 260 pound 13 year pro tight end is a Philip Rivers staple.  Rivers and Gates hold the NFL record for most touchdowns between a quarterback and tight end with 69 and they are still going.  The Chargers veteran and future Hall of Famer is missing the first four games due to a suspension, but he will be coming back just in time. Week 5 is the best time for the Bolts to regain Gates as the first four weeks will have the other guys banged up. In comes a fresh Gates for Rivers to turn to in any situation.  If anyone can make up for lost time it will be a fresh Gates.

He is the 44th player and fourth tight end in NFL history to surpass 10,000 career receiving yards, Gates will be going into the 2015 season needing one more touchdown catch to become the ninth player in NFL history to record 100. His career totals heading into the season are 788 catches, 10,014 yards and 99 touchdowns. All-time among NFL tight ends, Gates ranks fourth in catches and yards, and second in touchdowns.  I think there is a real possibility that this could be the last season for the San Diego favorite, so he is motivated to make it matter.

Melvin Gordon - photo credit: gridiron
Melvin Gordon – photo credit: gridiron

Melvin Gordon: Everyone has been buzzing about this kid.  The 6′ 1″, 210 pound rookie running back is already making a splash.  The Chargers knew they had picked up a gem in the draft, and all I had to see in the preseason was this kid dragging six Seattle Seahawks defenders three yards forward on a play that should have been a loss. The Chargers have not had a running back over six feet in a decade so the opposition has no reference to help them prepare.

Head coach Mike McCoy is keeping this kid’s talent in his pocket too. Small short runs to ensure he was ready for NFL size tackles, observe his ball handling and get used to NFL pace. No fancy moves, no bursts of speed. Just power and performance tests during the preseason.  Now, going in to week three, the comparisons to LaDainian Tomlinson have begun.  The rookie had three rushes over 20 yards against the Bengals, becoming the first Charger to do that since LT in 2007.  Gordon had runs of 27, 26 and 20 yards and finished with 16 carries for 88 yards, averaging 5.5 yards per carry.  He did so by mixing together his trademark burst, lightning quick lateral movements and underrated strength as he isn’t afraid to run right over a would be tackler.

Philip Rivers: (aka, Felipe Rios) The 6′ 5″, 230 pound rocket laser arm franchise quarterback just signed his final four year contract and will be retiring a San Diego Charger. Only one team will be etched into the metal plate under his bust at the Pro Football Hall of fame – San Diego Chargers 2004 – 2019 Now, all he needs is the ring.

Going in to week 3 Philip Rivers is averaging over 300 yards per game and is ranked #4 in quarterback passing and total yards.  Rivers is already referred to as an elite quarterback, but still no Super Bowl ring. Rivers wants the Super Bowl so bad he could curse, but he won’t. Instead he is going to be the toughest and possibly most beloved by his fan base quarterback in the league and he is coming out as the gunslinger.  The NFL can feel it too. Rivers will be showing the world why he and the Chargers are going to the big game on two Monday night football appearances, a Sunday night game and just to hit all points, throw in a Thursday night, Christmas Eve appearance against the Raiders!  Philip loves these kinds of games and will be breaking records as the season rolls on.

I realize that I could go on and on, so I will.  Be on the lookout for another installment of Chargers to watch and get for your fantasy football team.  Seriously, if Antonio Gates is not on your fantasy bench right now, you had better get him.

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