Smirnoff Ice Influencer: My Introduction and “Run The Ball” Drink Recipe

Smirnoff Ice Influencer

My Introduction and “Run The Ball” Drink Recipe

By Kimberly Toureiro @KitchenSprout

Beautiful Kimberly Toureiro holding a NFL football
Homegating Special Contributor

My name is Kimberly Toureiro;  I am known through “Social Media” as @KitchenSprout on Twitter and KIMBERLYT0125 on Instagram. I’m entering my 2nd year as Official Homegating Special Contributor for NFLFemale.

My latest endeavor, is as a Smirnoff Ice Influencer, commencing Sunday Oct 25, 2015 till Super Bowl game day, Feb 7, 2016.  Join me this football season, for all kinds of Homegating drink recipes, that are sure to have your living room crowd not only cheering for their team but for you and the Smirnoff Ice creations.

More and more women have gravitated towards football, the numbers are growing each year. I have come to strongly believe that (American) football is some of the greatest entertainment on television.  I know there are many who detest it or simply don’t understand it but I love watching football, and I think it’s value goes far beyond an excuse to drink on Monday, Thursday and Sunday nights.

Click here to read my list of reasons and get tasty Smirnoff Ice drink recipes to try!

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