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By Katie Sveinson

Recently, created a survey to better understand the experiences of NFL fans. The first survey focused on tailgating.

Out of the seven respondents, we found that 57.1% attend NFL home games, with 75% noting that tailgating is an essential part of their game day.

We asked what were some of the most memorable experiences participants had while tailgating. These varied from cooking for and entertaining military, tailgating with the Chaplain of a team and the enjoyment of tailgating with friends and family (with a home team win to boot!).

Participants noted that they tailgate from between 2.5 hours to as long as possible. While tailgating, most respondents said that water was a necessity for beverages. Only one participant said alcohol (along with water, gatorade, etc.) was essential. Furthermore, essential food included chips and salsa and steaks.

When asked what one thing makes tailgating awesome, 50% said socializing with other fans whom they may not know, 25% said being with friends and family and 25% cited other reasons. 

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2 thoughts on “Survey Summary: Tailgating”

  1. Tailgating is something I look forward to each fall. One thing makes tailgating awesome for me is socializing with other Denver Broncos fans who I did not know prior to that game day. I enjoy meeting new people, especially people who love football.

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