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Luck Leading Colts

Andrew Luck photo Jim O’Connor/USA TODAY Sports Luck Leading Colts Indianapolis 40 NY Giants 24 Let me take you back to April 2012. NFL First Round Draft. And the words “The Indianapolis Colts select Andrew Luck”. Who would have... Read More | Share it now!

Bye the Bye…

Bye the Bye… The best thing about a Seahawks bye week is getting to watch Sunday games without any pressure or stress. The worst thing, no Seahawks game. Since there isn’t a game article that needs to be written, I thought I would take... Read More | Share it now!

Colts 0-16, Packers 16-0 ANY BETS? Week 10

Bye week is welcome due to many injuries and a winless season   by Teresa Bollenbacher Week #10 of the season and Indy is now thee only team without any Ws under their helmets!  A lot has been buzzing around the media world about the future... Read More | Share it now!