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Bears in the Pro Bowl 2014

Bears in the Pro Bowl 2014 I didn’t watch the Pro Bowl live. There. I said it. I admitted it. Normally I would watch it live, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn’t this year. I had to live with watching the game on my DVR,... Read More | Share it now!

Off-Season Bears Have Fun

Off-Season Bears Have Fun This article is a bit of a departure from my usual type of writing where the Chicago Bears are concerned, but there is far more to this team than thrilling us on the field. The organization is active in the Chicagoland... Read More | Share it now!

Robin Carneke-Green – Bears Contributor

Robin Carneke-Green – Bears Contributor Bears Fan Born in Bears Land Greetings to the Sisterhood!  I am Robin Carneke-Green, yes, one of those hyphenated-type women, and I am unashamedly and unabashedly a fan of those Monsters of the Midway,... Read More | Share it now!

Questions Answered

Questions Answered Bengals 21 Bears 24 The Chicago Bears managed to rally for a win against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, and in the process they gave fans like me hope that this season just might be better than predicted. Any time a team gets a... Read More | Share it now!