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Devin and Jason McCourty Tackle Sickle Cell

By Kristen Parker @nepatsgirl87 Twin brothers, Devin and Jason McCourty began a campaign to tackle sickle cell in 2013.  They started this foundation to aspire to teach the public about this disease, increase blood donations and raise money and... Read More | Share it now!

Damion Square – Newest DE

Damion Square, DE #71 photo chargers.com Damion Square – Newest DE Get To Know Me On November 3rd the San Diego Chargers picked up a recently released Defensive End named Damion Square.  Square came to the NFL as an undrafted free agent with... Read More | Share it now!

DeSean Jackson Foundation, One In A Million Son – Part II

DeSean Jackson Foundation One In A Million Son – Part II In case you missed Part I, take a moment now to read and then continue. The DeSean Jackson Foundation, a non-profit, was incorporated to develop annual community health fairs and youth... Read More | Share it now!

NFL Good Guys – Bears

Charles Tillman and friends NFL Good Guys – Bears Each of the men in this article are whom I consider NFL Good Guys and they happen to be on my favorite team, the Chicago Bears. They are all family men and are passionate for their... Read More | Share it now!

NFL Good Guys – Packers

Tramon & Shantrell Williams NFL Good Guys – Packers Good Players on the Field. Good Guys for the Community. As we know very well, the Packers are the kind of team that it is always close in Green Bay’s community. The players are near... Read More | Share it now!