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Training Camp Bucket Hats- Who Wore It Better?

Photo credit: Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Bucket Hats – Who Wore It Better? By Cyndi Darlington @hailmaryblog Football is back! And as we begin the painful march from training camp to preseason to (whenwillitgetherepleaseletitgethere) the... Read More | Share it now!

A Football Fan’s Dream

John Harbaugh photo Gwen Robinson/nflfemale A Football Fan’s Dream Media Access, Inside Training Camp Kids, either I have a horseshoe up my butt, or I write a darn good email! I was truly shocked a few weeks ago when I wrote an email to a Ravens... Read More | Share it now!

Levi’s Stadium Welcomes Football

Photo Jennifer Chan/nflfemale Levi’s Stadium Welcomes Football It was a gorgeous day in Santa Clara and the much discussed logistical challenges regarding Levi’s Stadium were in full effect, even with only 10,000 fans allowed to... Read More | Share it now!

Kelvin Benjamin – Panthers

Photo Chris Keane, AP Kelvin Benjamin – Panthers It seems only fitting that Kelvin Benjamin’s role model is Detroit star wide receiver Calvin Johnson, considered the best in the NFL, because that’s exactly who the Carolina Panthers... Read More | Share it now!