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NFC West Preseason Recap

NFC West Preseason Recap By Pattie Cabrido @pkc808 Arizona Cardinals After having to rely on backup quarterbacks for most of last season, the Cardinals are healthy and looking to be a competitor in the division. The Cards open the season at home... Read More | Share it now!

Percy Harvin: Stay or Go??

Percy Harvin:  Should he stay or should he go?? Ok, I am a fan of Percy Harvin. But, if he doesn’t want to be a Viking I would rather cut the strings now and find a younger WR whose desire is to play football with one of the best... Read More | Share it now!

Thanks for Another ‘W’ – Week 12

Thanks for Giving us Another ‘W’, Cowboys!          By Shelby Kelly Did I tell you this would be a game or what? WOW! I do have one complaint though: Set us FREE from these penalties, please!! Other than that,... Read More | Share it now!