Texans to face Raiders, Chiefs or Dolphins in playoff wild card

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By Brittney Boyd @thebrittney12

Bengals 10 Texans 12

The Houston Texans clinched the playoffs with a win against the Cincinnati Bengals Saturday night.

With the Pittsburgh Steelers win Sunday, winning their division, they clinched the third seed and the Texans clinched the fourth seed.

Texans will host Raiders if:

  • Raiders lose at Broncos and Chiefs win at Chargers

Texans will host Chiefs if:

  • Raiders win at Broncos and Chiefs win at Chargers OR
  • Raiders win at Broncos, Chiefs lose at Chargers and Dolphins lose to Patriots OR
  • Raiders lose, Chiefs lose, Dolphins lose

Texans will host Dolphins if:

  • Dolphins win and Chiefs lose

Featured image Tom Savage vs Bengals Saturday night courtesy:  Karen Warren/Houston Chronicle

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