The Detroit Lions Pride Report Week 16

Official Detroit Lions Fan Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield @Mom23RN

Lions 21 Cowboys 42

First and foremost, you’ll have to forgive my lack of a post last week after the loss to the New York Football Giants.  Got a lil busy in my neck of the woods.   Never the less….despite the loss in New York, (rather New Jersey) the Lions regrouped.

Regrouped, as in ready to go without cornerback Darius Slay, center Travis Swanson, and running back Theo Riddick.   The odds were stacked against them, but hey, this team thrives on adversity and 4th quarter comebacks, so they were ready for whatever the number 1 run defense in the NFL would throw at them.

Did that Lions team look like a legit Super Bowl Contender in the 1st half??     I mean, running back Zach Zenner found his inner running back Zeke Elliott (or did Zeke Elliott find his inner Zach Zenner?)

Very few penalties on the Lions in the first half.  Things were going their way…..WERE going their way.  Towards the end of the half with the Lions up 21-14, the Cowboys tied it up just before half time.  Then the wheels fell off.

The Cowboys defense clamped down, the Lions went away from what worked well in the first half, Matthew Stafford was making bad decisions, and the refs made questionable calls…again. But that wasn’t our main issue.  The game was out of hand by the time a couple of questionable calls were made anyway.   But there’s a lot to clean up before next week.  And they’ve got a short time to do it.

King of The Pride:  Zach Zenner.  He atoned for his sins last week with that red zone fumble by having a “Beastmode” like outing for the Lions.  He had 67 yards on 12 carries, and scored 2 rushing touchdowns.  He leads the team with 3 rushing TDs this year.  Who is behind him?  Quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Not King Of The Pride:  Cornerback Asa Jackson.  Picked up to help with some of the injuries on the defense.  Routinely gives up big plays.  And just wasn’t helping the Lions cause.  We can only pray that Darius Slay is healthy next week.

Speaking of Next Week……

Next Up:  The Green Bay Packers.  Always a tough game.  This is always a tough game.  Especially now that they’re getting hot again.  They are the only thing that stands between the Lions and their first division title since 1991.    Is it going to happen Sunday Night?  We will see!!!!


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