The Detroit Lions Pride Report Week 17

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By Sonja Greenfield @Mom23RN

Packers 31 Lions 24

The regular season road to Super Bowl 51 ended up at a rockin Ford Field on Sunday Night with the NFC North division on the line.  The Detroit Lions, who had good hold on the division for most of the season, were facing a Green Bay Packers team that started off very slowly, got hot, and were attempting to run the table.

With a playoff spot already secured by a New York Giants win over the Washington Redskins, the Lions just had one thing on their minds.  Defeat the Packers and earn their 1st division title since 1993 and host a playoff game at Ford Field.    Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way.

The Lions came out to a pretty good start.  Quarterback Matt Stafford was making decent plays, and running back Zach Zenner was running that ball.   But as the game went on, there were clear missed opportunities from the Lions.  Stafford missed wide receiver Golden Tate for a big play in the 1st half and kicker Matt Prater missed a chip shot attempt for a field goal.

Thankfully, Green Bay’s linebacker Clay Matthews dropped a sure interception.   But the missed opportunities were too much, and Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers.  So, the Lions will have to settle for 2nd place, and a trip out to Seattle to face the Seahawks in the wild card round.

King Of The Pride:  That award goes to running back Zach Zenner.   He ran for 69 yards and a rushing touchdown.   As the run game for Detroit continues to struggle, he’s been a bright spot.   Hopefully next year, as the running back corps gets healthy, he will become an integral part of the run game.

Not King Of The Pride:  It pains me (sort of) to say this, but the defense. While it’s been decent, they still have had an inability to properly defend tight ends, and in some cases just make simple tackles.   And the lack of an effective pass rush can also make it hard to pressure Rodgers.  Again, hopefully this will be something to look forward to in the draft.

Next Up:  The Wildcard Round in the playoffs.  While some are a little disappointed in the team, it’s important to remember that while they didn’t win the division, The Lions did make the playoffs.  And not everyone thought that it was possible.   However, Seattle is going to be a formidable opponent, and this team will have their hands full.  BUT…the last time they played Seattle at home, they almost were able to come away with the win.  Could they actually do it this time??


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