The Morning After – Still shaking my head in despair

Official Indianapolis Colts Fan Reporter
Official Indianapolis Colts Fan Reporter

By Julie Voigt @SwhrtColtsFan13

Colts 23 Texans 26 in OT

I’m still not even sure on how this was even possible.

How can a team that was winning by two touchdown scores up until the last five minutes of play just all of a sudden give the entire game away?

How can this even be right?

Well, my Colts Nation fans, this season, this team is making all things possible, and for the past six weeks of play, it hasn’t been in a positive way.  Maybe for lack of better words, this Colts team seems to be making winning impossible.

For week 6, the Indianapolis Colts traveled to Houston to take on their divisional rivals the Texans.  Indianapolis (2-3) and Houston (3-2) are fighting for first place in the AFC South Division.  So for the Indianapolis Colts, the next 2 weeks are crucial for this team since they will also play Tennessee in Week 7.

In week 5, the Indianapolis Colts took on the Chicago Bears, in a game that almost got away from them, but still managed to get the win with a score of 23-29.  Lucas Oil Stadium was booming with more Bears fan cheers than anything else, proving how frustration is kicking in to the Colts fan base.  Colts fans are tired of hearing the same ol’ story about how the team “needs to get better”.  Demanding for change in the coaching and front office staff, the next 2 weeks are going to be the challenge to see if the Colts have what it takes to be a leader in this “so-called weak division”.  And from the looks of it so far, the chance just seems like a fantasy.

The Colts all-time record against the Texans was 23-5.  Five of the past 6 games have only been decided by a few points.  One game being the last game of 2015/16 season, deciding the divisional win which Houston won. 

All worries come from our broken defensive line, injuries and the question on whether Andrew Luck is being protected enough.   

Andrew Luck has been sacked 11 times in the last 2 games with a total of 20 times this season.  Luck also has a total of 40 QB hits.  This alone shows why this team seems to be in trouble. 

But recently, this dynamic duo of Luck and T.Y. Hilton is making a household name for themselves.  And in hopes that they can light a fire and start a streak. Coach Chuck Pagano states that, “There’s obviously a high trust factor there. “ After all, T.Y Hilton seems to always show his A game when playing the Texans.  In eight games, Hilton has caught 43 passes for 778 yards and six TDs.

Most predicted a big night for these two.  But after Sunday Night’s loss to Houston, it seemed like the Luck and Hilton duo was not to be seen. 

For at least 50 minutes of the game, it all seemed to make perfect sense.  Offense was playing well, defense had it all together.  I had even referred to Brock Osweiler as looking like a lost animal in a field of Longhorns, not knowing what to do.  For just that short while, the Colts looked fierce, unstoppable.  Everything seemed right. 

But then again, you and I both know, and I always say it, there is only 60 minutes in a game. 

The last 10 minutes came crashing down on these Colts as Houston tied it up during the last five minutes of play.  And even given an advantage in OT with receiving the ball first, the Colts came up short, giving the Texans a chance to score and win, and just like that, the AFC South win went to the Houston Texans. 

I have to give the Texans credit here, they never stopped from the first minute of play til the last scoring drive in OT.  A win that was well deserving to the best team at that moment.

Colts fans are seriously outraged.  As for myself, speechless is more of a word.  I had trouble sleeping.  But after tossing and turning, I rolled over and grabbed my Colts pillow.

Something has to give.  I don’t believe that Andrew Luck should be the only one apologizing for losing.  I don’t think the whole weight of this broken team should be on his entire shoulders.  With so many injuries piling up week after week, there’s not a doubt in my mind that this can be the number one factor.  I don’t believe it’s all the coaching staff’s fault, or front office, of the massive holes that are currently in our defensive line. 

It’s this entire team that should notice where the problem lies.  We cannot continue to rack up points by relying all the time on Adam Vinatieri’s field goal attempts.  We need to have coverage for Luck, defense needs to step up and play.  Coaching needs to put differences aside with whatever beef they have with front office staff.  It’s simple.  Just go out and play the game. 

In a press conference on Monday, Chuck Pagano said it best, “I think what we are is a three-quarter team.  We’ve got to find a way to become a four-quarter team.”

“There’s a lot of football left to be played and we will dig ourselves out of this hole.” Although we are entering Week 7 with a Bye week approaching in Week 10, I think the time is now to make these corrections.  But this team’s performance for me is week by week.  Time will tell.

Next week, the Colts will travel to Tennessee to take on the Titans (3-3) and wrap up the first half of their AFC South schedule.  Colts, so far, are the favorites to win.  The Colts have won 9 games in a row against the Titans going back to 2011 and 14 out of 15 wins going as far back as 2008. But then again, the Titans are ahead of the Colts in the AFC South divisional standings.                            

I leave you with Erik Walden’s words after the Houston loss to Kevin Bowen, reporter…”Either you man up, or you fold.  We got nobody in this locker room that’s planning on folding so we’ve just got to man up.”

Continue to believe, for the shoe.

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