The Not So Many Highs, but so many lows of the 2015 Baltimore Ravens Season

Terrell Suggs, a true leader here

The Not So Many Highs, but so many lows of the 2015 Baltimore Ravens Season

By Gwen Robinson @GWEN2475

Official Baltimore Ravens Fan Reporter
Official Baltimore Ravens Fan Reporter

How can I describe the 2015 Baltimore Ravens season? So many words…disappointing, sad, frustrated, exasperated, hopeless, unreal, embarrassing. However, there is always a bright spot, we swept the Pittsburgh Steelers!

The first game against the Steelers this season, was a win when we still had hope. The second game, we really had no hope, it was all about pride. The Ravens delivered another win. Regardless of this horrible season, most of us agree, that win was the cherry on top of this wild ride we call Baltimore Ravens football.

The disappointment started early during the first game of the season against the Denver Broncos when we lost our defensive leader linebacker Terrell Suggs to an Achilles tear. Who would have thought it was just the first of many? The Ravens had a record breaking year when it came to injuries. There were 20+ players who were placed on Injured Reserve. More than half of them were starters. No one can know if this is horrible bad luck or a product of conditioning on the training team.

Injured players who are so important to the team… leaves us with many questions and uneasy feelings.

Terrell Suggs was injured in week one. While Suggs is usually the most vocal on the team, he was mostly absent during the season. There were no interviews, he was mostly absent from social media, and most importantly, he was absent from the sideline. He did show up for the second game against the Steelers and held court on the sideline. Will he return, will he still be a Raven? Suggs recently just made a statement that he does not want to end his career with that last play in Denver. The Ravens coaching staff also just commented that they didn’t realize what the impact of losing Suggs made on this season, until it was over.

Steve Smith Sr. who had previously announced his retirement after this season and before he tore his Achilles, has changed his mind, thank the good lord, and will return for the 2016 season. He was the heart and soul of our wide receiver corps.

The biggest and most surprising injury this year was to quarterback Joe Flacco. He has been the rough and tough quarterback and has never missed a start in his career as a Raven. Well, when Joe does it, he does it big with an ACL and MCL tear in his knee during the game against the St. Louis Rams. Joe is claiming that he will be ready for week one of the 2016 season.

While never even getting to play a snap in the first year of his professional football career, wide receiver Breshad Perriman spent the season on the sidelines with a knee injury. He may have broken a record for the slowest healing knee sprain…ever! Hopefully, he will back to normal next season and we can see what he can do.

We had a strong group of tight ends who emerged this season, will this be the end of Dennis Pitta’s career? Pitta remained on injured reserve this season, still rehabbing from a reoccurring hip injury that has threatened his career. He has made it quite clear that he would like to play football again. There has been a report that we will know in June if Dennis will play again. If he can play again, will it be for the Ravens?

So far, the only changes that won’t be made are the coaching staffs of the offensive and defensive coordinators. For the first time in Joe Flacco’s career with the Ravens, he will return to the 2016 season with the same offensive coordinator in Marc Trestman. But it’s still early, you never know what can happen.

I can definitely say this is the first time where I was so relieved for a football season to be over. It was painful to watch the game every week. Regardless of how this season went, I truly believe if everyone comes back healthy, we could be unstoppable. If we draft well, 6th draft position, the combination of the impressive young players, with the still impressive veterans, I have high hopes for next season.

What more can I say? Just another story to be continued…

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